The Media Claiming UK's Annual Bonfire Day Fireworks Were Over Biden Victory is Just The Beginning of Media Lies in A Biden Presidency

The Media Claiming UK's Annual Bonfire Day Fireworks Were Over Biden Victory is Just The Beginning of Media Lies in A Biden Presidency
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Don’t misunderstand the headline I don’t think Biden will be President, and if he is, then it certainly is because the Democrats manipulated the election. The media is ecstatic over the idea of a Biden Presidency and they will return to the complicit apparatchiks they were when Obama was President.

When the media decided that they were the courts last Saturday and declared Joe Biden the winner of the Presidential race, which lead their low information viewers to celebrate in the streets it showed how there really are two different Americas. The media wants to paint a reality where Joe Biden won the election so if a court case declares that there were fraudulent votes then all of the low-information Democrats will be easily manipulated into believing that Trump stole the election from Biden. We were able to get a preview of this kind of manipulation through what I believe wasn’t stupidity, but a manufactured lie.

Several news networks ran with a story that fireworks in the United Kingdom were due to the announcement that Joe Biden was declared President on Saturday. The reality is that it’s the annual celebration called Bonfire night, which is part of the Guy Fawkes celebrations. I don’t expect every journalist to know holidays outside of their native countries, but the simple fact is that any reasonable person would have thought to check and make sure they weren’t about to declare that a foreign country was celebrating something happening in America without making sure that there was no other event that could have caused the celebration.

The media didn’t check because the media didn’t want to. They want Americans to believe that the entire world finally loves America again, because they have also suggested that the entire world hated America because Donald Trump was the President. This is actually one of the most common complaints I’ve noticed from liberals on social media throughout the last four years. Liberals are extremely concerned about how foreign countries view the United States, they lose sleep over it.

Constantly during the Democratic primaries and the election I would see liberals talk about how America is “an embarrassment on the world stage” so this is something very important to them. The media knows exactly what narratives Liberals need to fed to convince them that Joe Biden has saved the world by making it ok for them to backpack through Europe again without having to hide that they are American, which is the most important thing if you’re a coastal liberal. This is just the beginning of how the media is going to rewrite history, manipulate facts, and completely deny truth to try and get America to accept the great reign of their dear leader.

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