Democrats Have Lost All Right to Complain About Anything

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite


The current narrative surrounding the election battle is that questioning the integrity of the election is a threat to Democracy. It’s interesting that Democrats use the term threat to Democracy again, since the last time they used it was when they were questioning the integrity of the 2016 election by claiming the Russians stole it for Donald Trump. It is suddenly completely unacceptable for politicians and media to suggest fraud in an election, except for all those times it apparently wasn’t.

In case you needed a walk back down memory lane on all the times the Democrats pushed the idea that the 2016 election was completely invalid because the Russians somehow stole it for Trump. Democrats also seem apoplectic over the idea that Trump is launching a legal battle to impede what they believe is Joe Biden’s clear path to victory, I guess in 2020 legally challenging your political opponent for what you consider baseless reasons is immoral and only the actions of sore losers. It would seem that Democrats forgot all of their actions since Trump’s election in 2016 – Impeachment, dozens of investigations, lawsuits at both the state and federal level.

Democrats are only upset because they’ve realized that their playbook will be weaponized against them, and should be if Joe Biden becomes the President. We no longer live in a political spectrum where we can simply “go back to normal” and act like the last four years in America were some sort of aberration.  The left in America has shown that they will seize power by any means necessary, and the only people I think are crazy during this heated battle over voter fraud is anyone who suggests that after years of Democrats calling Trump a threat the America, his supporters terrorists, and endless stories about how our country is descending into darkness, how you wouldn’t think that people who believe that rubbish wouldn’t try and steal an election.

Democrats have lost any right to complain about whatever tactic Trump uses to win this election. Nothing Donald Trump does will be as disgusting as the last four years of Democrat tactics. I don’t expect it to happen, but Trump supporters could even riot in the streets for months on end and the Democrats still wouldn’t have any right to complain.

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