If You're a Police Officer in a Democrat City, Get Out Before it's too Late!

It is only a matter of time until you are conducting an arrest and your suspect attempts to struggle or flee and someone has a cell phone recording the incident. The short video will go viral in minutes, your police chief will fire you, the mayor will call you a monster and the example of what is “wrong with the system”, and regardless of any facts, the district attorney will charge you with assault or murder. Social media will decide that you are a racist, and the main-stream media will have countless “experts” telling America that you are the embodiment of 400 years of oppression.

That is if you’re lucky. The other scenario is that you are assassinated while on duty. The main stream media won’t even utter your name if this occurs.

Your family will likely be unable to attend your funeral because of COVID restrictions, and those that are able, will be caught in traffic while your Mayor marches with thousands of protesters to decry how violent you and your colleagues are. At best, the main-stream media will only count your death as another example of gun violence depending on the news of the day. The pension that your family relies on will probably be gutted soon after your death and transferred to hiring a new diversity and inclusion counselor at your child’s school at double your annual salary.

There is no scenario in Democrat cities that ends well if you are a police officer. You are the target of ire for the Democrat party heading in to the next election. Democrats have made you the new embodiment of oppression that voters can free themselves from if they vote blue in November.

Over the years different Americans have had to play the part of scapegoat for the Democrat party to not face their policy failures. Whether it was the tea party, Conservative Christians, or just a Trump supporter, we know how you feel, and we know how unjust the mob is. I implore you to relocate to a different position if you are dedicated to policing, but if you’re in a Democrat city, you are already persona non grata to the political left and will become a target.

You’re not alone in America, many of us support your heard work, and appreciate everything you do. Your leadership will bend their knee to the mob coming for you, and the political leaders in your city will stand on your back hoping that people ignore their mismanagement and likely corruption. America wants you to succeed in life, and this is why you must leave the Democrat city you serve, it’s unfortunate because many of those people need your protection, and come November, hopefully they know how to remedy this mistake, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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