Russian Collusion is a Dog Whistle for Democrat Corruption

Any time you hear Democrats try to suggest that something is a Russian plot, or is Russian disinformation, you can be certain that they’re running a cover-up for their corruption. When Wikileaks dumped emails that showed Clinton running the Secretary of State as her personal piggy bank, and selling her influence to foreign governments on the campaign trail, the Democrats never denied it, they just screamed “Russian plot!”

When Donald Trump brought up Joe Biden withholding money from Ukraine until they fired a prosecutor, a prosecutor who was investigating the company who paid his son at least $50K/month, and since 1+1 still eqauls 2 even with common core, it’s apparent that he was pulling a quid pro quo, they impeached Trump. We need to stop looking at the Obamagate spying or Russian collusion hoax as the Democrats trying to get Trump, and more as them trying to cover up their corruption. When we let them make it a Trump issue, they use tribalism to get their base, and media lapdogs, to slander any person who reports the truth as “one of those Trump supporters”.

America is waking up. The amount of propaganda says as much. You don’t need propaganda if the majority of people agree with you.

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