The Fix is In! Another Iowa Caucus Looks Rigged

The Democrat fix is in with Iowa everyone. After 2016 when the caucus was too close to call and Hillary Clinton somehow won a statistically impossible coin toss, the polling data that was hidden by the Des Moines register showing Bernie Sanders leading the pack, and suddenly the Democrat party can’t seem to publish the results of their caucus due to “inconsistencies” according to the Iowa Democratic party spokesperson Mandy McClure. You can’t look at the rule changes for the Democrat debates that allowed Bloomberg on the stage, or the rule changes for the Democratic convention which could keep Sanders from getting the nomination even if he wins the primaries and not see the signs that the Democrat party is back to their old tricks of pre-determined elections.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not upset that Bernie Sanders is being railroaded by the Democrats, I knew it would happen and have said so for almost a year on our program. It’s not like the actions of the Democrats are somehow saving America from socialism, the entire party is socialist, it’s just what veneer of socialism the Democrat party thinks they can sneak by the American people. The signs that this was going to be rigged were plain when we saw the rule change in the debates and Hillary Clinton bashing Bernie just a week before the caucus.

Of course, there is a Clinton nexus to the Democrat party corruption. The tech company responsible for the app is called Shadow, which was founded by Gerard Niemira and Krista Davis, who were part of Clinton’s tech team during the 2016 election, and we know how questionable Clinton and tech are. Shadow, the company responsible for the app is owned by a progressive non-profit group called ACRONYM, which sounds like the latest incarnation of ACORN, if you remember the Obama years and the shady firm which James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released videos showing that ACORN was more than happy to help O’Keefe while he was pretending to try and obtain money and advice for running a prostitution ring out of his house.

I’m not the least bit surprised that a tech firm backed by Clinton acolytes can’t seem to get election results right, even though the Caucus has had no problems for generations. What is obvious here, is that with impeachment, the Russia investigation, and now the chicanery of the Iowa caucus it would appear that the Democrat party has gone all in for stealing elections instead of trying to appeal to the American people and winning them fairly. How can anyone look at what happened last night in Iowa and not realize that the Democrat party is too corrupt to be trusted, and this is ample evidence that we need to be on our guard heading in to November, because God knows what kind of shady tactics the Democrats will be up to against Trump.

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