Democrats are What You Get When Everyone Wins a Trophy

Today’s Democrat party is what you get when everyone gets a trophy just for showing up. Nobody is paying attention to impeachment, something that should be important, but is yet another part of our political institutions which has been demeaned and devalued by the hackery that is the D.C. elite. Not one American voter actually believes that Democrats in their impeachment of President Trump are working on behalf of the American people.

Yesterday’s impeachment proceedings began with Jerry Nadler (D-NY) accusing the White House counsel of lying, and the Senate of engaging in a cover-up. That wasn’t because Jerry Nadler or the House managers were making some sort of motion, that was a sound byte meant to be played by the fawning left-wing media, and that’s all this impeachment process has ever been. The impeachment of President Trump is nothing more than a years long reelection campaign ad and the constant litigation of their embarrassing loss in 2016 and the revelation of their party’s corruption.

While Democrats are pushing this show trial, what is really happening is a civil war within their party that they don’t want Americans to pay attention to. Just this week so far Hillary Clinton has refused to say she would endorse Bernie Sanders (I-VT) if he won the nomination and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said that the Democrats aren’t Left enough. Democrats spent decades flirting with Communism and now it’s coming back to bite them, and they know the American people will reject their big-government, nanny state initiatives.

While the Democrat party is in shambles and fighting for it’s identity, President Trump has shown the farce that is Hollywood and the media. Trump was supposed to fail, we were supposed to have a terrible economy, tariffs were going to backfire, and we were supposed to be living in some sort of hellscape. We have no new wars because of foreign policy that the D.C. elites said was terrible, and we have record employment levels because of economic policies we were told were lies, that is, if you believed the media and the Left to begin with.

Ultimately what we see in the impeachment trial is what happens when everyone gets a trophy. Democrats should be asking themselves what it is about their party that made them so unappealing that Donald Trump won the Presidency. They should be asking themselves whether calling America an evil, racist, bigoted, hateful country was a good strategy. Democrats should be asking themselves if they are the problem with America, and the answer is yes.

We are seeing what a Democrat America would look like. A police state run by the polit bureau, where it’s political enemies are targeted with false accusations and demanded to plead their innocence in show trials on television and litigated by washed up comedians sitting behind desks in New York. Democrat America is an America where you are valued by your race and gender and nothing more, and you are judged by an ever-changing quota depending on what Twitter polls say are the new target demographic. Democrat America will be run from Silicon Valley, strictly monitored and censored.

Instead, Democrats want to hit the reset button and return to an age when none of this was plainly known by every American. For those of you who still wonder whether Trump was a valuable decision in 2016, I will have to say look around and see what is happening, all of America is seeing the true colors of the Democrat party and they are disgusted. Even the people you know on the Left who still attempt to virtue signal as if they have some sort of moral high ground are easily silenced just by pointing out the behavior of the party they are shilling for, everyone knows they are just repeating sound bites from giant corporate media.

The reality is this. The Democrat party, and the Left in general are sputtering and screaming for relevance. On Monday we saw the stark differences between the America the Democrats want and what Americans want. Thousands went to Richmond to stand for the Constitution and their right to bear arms, if it were the Left there would be riots, fires, violence, and insanity, we’ve seen it time and time again. The gun grabbing will fail, the show trial will fail, and the Democrat party must fail.

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