The Left Defends Anti-Semitic Attacks in New York Because of Identity Politics


There was a lot that happened over the last few days and it is a good summary of how the Left is imploding because of their identity politics and their obsession with creating strawmen to try and fashion some sort of moral high ground for their idiocy. Most likely you’ve heard about the several anti-Semitic attacks in New York, the media certainly wouldn’t avoid being able to say anti-Semitism on air, but what they wont do is go any deeper about the issue because the Left wing media has painted this picture of some dubious white nationalist or white supremacist underbelly of America that was created by Donald Trump and is patrolling the streets looking for minorities to commit “hate crimes” against.

The media does everything in their power to keep this victim fever dream alive day in and day out. On our show we have regularly shown the audience examples of fake hate crimes that the media has been breathless about, most notably Jussie Smollett. So why isn’t the mainstream media going in-depth on this rash of attacks in New York city? Because their contrived phantom of the white supremacist Trump voter committing hate crimes still doesn’t exist, and what they don’t want to talk about is the “who” involved in these attacks.

A lot of people got upset over the weekend with this clip from Chuck Todd, in the light of the attack against a Jewish congregation in New York with a machete this clip was used as an example of how the media will malign the faithful during the Christmas and Hanukah holidays, even after a brutal attack occurred.

This is a great example of how the media will go out of their way to find something to fit their narrative, this letter was from almost a year ago, it was published January 15th 2019. Tell me why Chuck Todd suddenly decided to read a letter from almost a year ago on his program. Obviously it’s because he needed to find something to predicate him guffawing at those idiots that believe in God and are probably celebrating him right now, not like him and his big brained liberal atheist friends.

There is a part here that I noticed that I haven’t heard discussed though. Fairy tales and voters “wanting to be lied to” and I think it’s the perfect frame to discuss the media’s avoidance of these attacks in New York. Let’s discuss the fairy tale of white supremacy that the Left created, and how liberals want to be lied to and told that they are victims, because of course in the religion of progressivism, victimhood is sainthood and you need to be oppressed or else you’re an oppressor.

I’m going to break down a clip From Jake Tapper’s program on CNN where they are trying to thread the needle of dealing with anti-Semitism while still trying to somehow make it about Trump and their fake boogeyman of White supremacy, you see, nobody can tell me the name of a white supremacist group in America, and nobody can give me the name of a white supremacist leader or representative who anyone has ever heard of, but we are supposed to believe that in Trump’s America there is rampant white supremacy on every street corner making people of color terrified.

What I can do is tell you, before going in to this clip, is that the attacker in New York who went in to a Hanukah celebration with a machete, appears to have connections to none other than the black Hebrew Israelites, the same group who had two members go and shoot up a Kosher market in Jersey city, this is what the Left and their lapdogs in the mainstream media don’t want to talk about, the fact that there is a racial supremacy group that exists, and is in fact committing violence against people, but they don’t want to talk about it and here is a clip of panelists on CNN trying to keep their boogeyman of the white supremacist Trump voter alive while also trying to play apologist to an actual black supremacist group, that can be named.

This entire clip is what the Left tries to dishonestly paint Trump’s comments on Charlottesville as, except that we actually can play these people’s words and it still be true, they are trying to say that “there are bad people on both sides” but the reality is, there is a group that is connected here, and they have name and presumably an address unlike this supposed specter of white supremacist Trump’s America. This is nothing more than apologism for anti-Semitic attacks perpetrated by a black supremacist group and now the Left is trying to pretend like there is some equivalence to the Right and Trump supporters.

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