Democrats are Officially The Sore Loser Party

Democrats have officially become the sore loser party. Since Donald Trump took office the Democrats have said that they were going to impeach him. The 2018 midterm elections were framed by Democrats promising voters that they would get rid of President Trump by any means necessary.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claims that impeachment is a solemn duty to protect Democracy, trying to convince the American people that 230 liberals voting to impeach the President less than a year away from the election where the American people can decide is somehow the Democratic option. Washington Post reporters celebrated with a tweet saying “Merry impeachmas”, Hollywood celebrities took to twitter to shout with joy, and liberal mainstream media told the few audience members they have left that it’s a great day for Democracy. The only people who are buying these lines from the party who has been seeking a way to get rid of Trump since 2016 are the most ideological of the Democrat base, and everyone, even they, know they’re lying.

Democrats have set the precedent that a group of elites can usurp the votes of the American people. Though many Trump supporters see this as a death warrant for the Democrat party, and I do too, it does not mean that we should not be enraged by their actions. Though tis will most likely result in a historic loss for the Democrat party, and hopefully will result in the GOP not only winning the White House, but also Congress, it still does not mean that we should just let this go. What the Democrats did yesterday can not be solved with a simple election.

The Democrats perverting the justice system into a political machine where you must prove your innocence is antithetical to a country that represents its people. The true danger to democracy is the political party who looks upon the vote of the American people with contempt and disgust. This is the party that made up allegations against a Supreme Court nominee, wished for a recession, and have engaged in countless investigations all because they lost an election.

The only credible election to the Democrats is the one that they win. Remember, Stacy Abrams refused to concede the Georgia gubernatorial election because she lost, Hillary Clinton still speaks as if the Presidential election was stolen from her, and media figures still promote debunked conspiracies about Russian Facebook memes somehow changing votes.

I know that my more establishment Conservative friends get upset when I say that this is treason, but if we are a representative republic that is supposed to be by the people and for the people, then you tell me what we call it when a political party seeks to upend our entire government because they can’t handle a political loss. Like I said, I believe this was a mistake that the Democrats will pay for, but I don’t believe that just losing an election is enough. The American people need to send a message to the Democrats that this behavior is not acceptable in our Republic, and the first step to sending that message is to make the Democrat party completely irrelevant in the next election, and prosecute the bad actors who used our justice system as a political weapon.


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