Listen: Stop Saying "Something Must be Done" Republicans and Start Doing Something!

Promoted from the diaries by streiff. Promotion does not imply endorsement.

It came out yesterday that Adam Schiff obtained phone records on Devin Nunes, the ranking Republican member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence as well as the records of reporter John Solomon, a reporter for the Hill who has been critical of Adam Schiff’s impeachment inquiry. I want to take a second so you can understand the gravity of what happened here. Adam Schiff, a committee chair and member of the House of Representatives, obtained phone records on his political opponent, and a journalist, simply because they didn’t agree with him.

What is Schiff’s excuse here? If Adam Schiff’s rationale is that he was somehow concerned that Nunes was compromised, which is a hefty claim to make about a fellow Congressman, but in today’s Democrat party, their stump speeches are ripe with innuendo that the opposition party are all part of some wide ranging conspiracy of foreign influence and corruption, though they can never seem to provide any evidence of their conspiracies. Even if that is his rationale, and I can tell you it isn’t, he still abused his authority as the chairman of the House Intelligence committee to spy on his political opponent and bully a journalist attempting to silence him. If we learned anything from this activity, it’s that the opinion that intelligence assets were abused to spy on the Trump campaign are true, and that corruption is probably worse than we think.

I can spend all day talking about the obvious hypocrisy of the Democrat party here, I could point out the obvious about how the Democrats are trying to impeach Trump because they believe he was trying to get “dirt” on a political opponent while Schiff was literally spying on his political opponents without cause. I think the American people are beyond the finger pointing stage and constantly talking about the Democrats double standard and two-tiered justice system. The American people want justice.

How many times are we supposed to just be frustrated at watching a political party in America be corrupt and the only thing we get from our representatives are 30-second soundbites about how awful the Democrats are for it, how terrible it is they did it, and how something must be done? We all agree something must be done, we voted for the GOP and the President to do something about it, that time is quickly passing. It is time for the GOP to fight back against the usurpation of the American people’s vote, the Democrat party flaunts their corruption in the face of the American people because they are certain that the GOP will do nothing, they are sneering in your face because they know you are weak. Something must be done Republicans, it’s your job to do that thing, the GOP needs to demand justice and actually deliver justice to the American people.

A society that no longer has faith that the wicked will be brought to justice is no longer a society. We rely on institutions to maintain order, we made a deal with the government that we would forfeit some of our individual liberties for the sake of a sustainable society, and the reward for the forfeiture is supposed to be justice, and our elected officials are in debt. If the American people can not trust that this kind of corruption will be handled by the representatives we elected, meaning, if the GOP can’t grow a damn backbone and actually stop this insanity, then the American people will have to pursue justice themselves, and it would not be pretty.

The GOP holds the reigns on whether or not the American people need to lose faith entirely in their republic, or if it can be salvaged and this rampant corruption from their opposition party stopped. Is the Republic their priority, or is a feel good soundbite from CNN their priority? If you don’t think the American people’s vote in 2020 doesn’t depend on whether you fight back against the Democrats’ tyranny, then you need to fire whomever consults you, that is literally the single most important issue to your voters Republicans, get it together.

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