You Can't Undo My Vote Because You're Upset

A voter enters a voting booth at Laurel High School on Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018, in Laurel, Mont. (AP Photo/Matthew Brown)

I’m tired of it to be honest. Every week there is some new wolf that the Democrats are crying about where they need to impeach. Every week they take something ridiculous and blow it up to epic proportions to try and engage their base and their donors to fundraise for the 2020 race in hope that they can try and take down Trump.

My vote in 2016 meant something. My voice in America means something. My opinion means something.

The Democrat party has decided that the American people don’t matter. They think we are so stupid that we can’t even read the transcript which Adam Schiff (D-CA) either didn’t read, or directly lied while sitting in the chair of the House Special Select Committee on Intelligence. The Democrat party has decided that someone hearing a rumor is equivalent to evidence that predicates usurping the votes of the American people and upending the 2016 election.

Where is the GOP on this? Sure, they have some flashy talking points, they have excoriated the Democrats on television for being petty and making up false claims, but ultimately that does nothing. This isn’t about competing narratives folks, this isn’t about making sure your slogan and talking points sound better on television. WHO THE HELL IS PROTECTING MY VOTE FROM ANGRY DEMOCRATS TRYING TO STEAL IT AWAY?

Those are the facts of this. I don’t know about all of you out there, but I’m not seeing anyone protecting my vote right now. I’m not seeing anyone actually fighting back. I see people rushing to television cameras and thinking that making quips is good enough to stop the march of a political party who has shown that they will literally throw this Republic into disarray because they didn’t win an election.

How far is too far? Do we need to wait until the Democrat party has completely unseated the President we voted for with some falsified claim? Is that when the GOP decides it’s time to finally say enough is enough and actually condemn this in no uncertain terms? Do we need President Elizabeth Warren to be sitting in the Oval Office passing socialist legislation and restricting our rights for the GOP to finally say “ok guys, this is really bad and we should speak out”?

Before I pull a lever in 2020, I want to ensure someone in Washington is willing to protect my vote against an angry and vengeful political party. If the GOP is going to continue to let the Democrats abuse every aspect of civility, rewrite the rule of law, and completely destroy the Executive branch through their hatred then I’m not sure what the point of them as a party is. We deserve a response from the leadership of the GOP and their Congressional representatives on how they are going to ensure that the 2020 election isn’t an absolute abomination, and they are already late to the remedy.

I demand a response.