Listen: Social Media Getting The Green Light From Congress to Shut Down Political Dissent Heading in to 2020

Social media companies Google, Facebook, and Twitter are set to discuss violent extremism on social media in front of the Senate Commerce Committee next week. Do you expect to hear about how these social media tech giants are going to shut down recruiting efforts by ISIS or other terrorist organizations? Do you think that they will discuss how these tech companies are aiding countries like China to persecute political dissidents under the guise of terrorism? Well I’ve got news for you!

According to an article from IJR the hearing will “examine the proliferation of extremism online and explore the effectiveness of industry efforts to remove violent content from online platforms. Witnesses will discuss how technology companies are working with law enforcement when violent or threatening content is identified and the processes for removal of such content” which is a statement made by the committee, but, it is also stated in the article that the hearing is because of growing concern after mass shootings and other violent acts discussing posts from mass shooters on the image board 8chan. So even though ISIS has recruited homegrown terrorists for years via social media Congress only gives a damn about it because now they can make a political statement about “extremism”.

The reason why I bring this up is obvious. They aren’t going to crack down on actual extremism, they aren’t going to shut down the ANTIFA folk who tried to blow up an ICE facility, they aren’t going to shut down the verified twitter journalists who stoke fear that every Trump supporter is a Russian spy and that Democracy is threatened by the mere existence of Conservatism, no, they’re going to use this to police speech and shut down anything that doesn’t toe the line of Progressivism. This will not hurt one liberal, no matter how violent, no matter how many people get attacked merely for wearing a MAGA hat, not one person who calls for the assassination of Trump will be effected by these policies, this will be used to shut down Trump supporters on social media heading in to the 2020 election, that is a guarantee.

When these tech companies openly aid and support the communist government of China, why the hell would I think that they would police content in good faith? Social media is the new method of political distribution, and just as we see mainstream media constantly lie and propagandize for their political purposes, so too will social media companies, and they will be even more awful. Do you think Facebook is going to shut down groups that Dox conservative donors? Of course not, some of their employees are members of ANTIFA, a large majority of these social media company employees are vicious liberals who would love the chance to shut down any Conservative and create the impression that Donald Trump has no support in this country and hope that they can influence the elections.

I can’t begin to tell you how disappointing it is to see that Congress did nothing about actual extremism, and actual terrorism online, but when they can use it to get Trump suddenly they’re all ears. These types of discussions aren’t about cutting down on political violence via the internet, these discussions are about how the political elite can maintain the status quo by stifling any dissent online. Social media is just replacing mainstream media as the fourth estate, and the political elite is giving them all the tools to be even more effective than the main stream media was in pushing progressivism and globalist policies down the throat of an unwilling populace.