[LISTEN] SF Designation of NRA Will Result in Prosecution of NRA Members

On Tuesday the San Francisco Board of Supervisors listed the National Rifle Association as a terrorist organization, yet another assault by the Left on labeling their political opponents as terrorists, a move that seems like a benign political move, but can have a far greater effect than people realize. City and county politics can seem obscure to people and allow me to give a quick explanation so people can understand why a board of supervisors creating this designation is so awful. Everyone has heard of sanctuary cities, the way sanctuary cities are so easily created is that a board of supervisors creates an ordinance stating that local law enforcement can not comply with federal immigration officials, the Mayor of that city then passes the legislation, or in some cases, makes an executive order, and the chief of police, who in the instance of San Francisco is appointed by the Mayor and therefore that Chief of Police takes orders from the Mayor.

Now that San Francisco has designated the NRA as a terrorist organization, the San Francisco police department, and the city’s attorney have the power to prosecute individuals and organizations associated with the NRA, to include members of the NRA, with crimes such as providing material support to a terrorist organization. That sounds crazy, and certainly will result in a Supreme Court decision against the city of San Francisco, but that isn’t the point, the NRA is now subject to monitoring by the San Francisco police department, their activities can be treated as those by ISIS or Al-Queda, this is all about gathering as much information on the organization as possible using the terror organization designation as an excuse to conduct such monitoring in a way that would seem as if they weren’t blatantly violating the constitutional rights of American citizens, they are after all, just protecting everyone from terrorists, right? Slowly, the Left plans on designating any group, individual, or organization that they deem right wing as terrorists, or supporting terrorism, all in a move meant to collect and document the finances, membership, locations, and infrastructures of their political opponents so when the time comes they know exactly where to strike and how to quickly dismantle their political opposition.

The real subject here beside the direct news story, is how the Left continually accuses their political opposition of everything from racism to terrorism, and we’ve brought this up on our show months ago. The Left and the Democrat party are intent on labelling their political opposition as something that can be persecuted using government force, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez even questioned FBI officials about why they don’t list what she considers “white supremacist and white nationalist groups” which we all know is what the Democrat party calls everyone who voted for Trump, domestic terrorists, this is of course, because like San Francisco, AOC want’s the ability for the federal government to monitor and prosecute her political opposition. The targeting of tea party groups by the IRS under Obama, and the monitoring of journalists as well were just dress rehearsals for the systematic silencing and persecution of anyone Right of Marx. The real question here is, what will the Left call us when we do something aside from disagree?

We on the Right are regularly labelled as undesirables and evil by the Left, the Democrats have now called us terrorists, supremacists, racists, homophobes, what have you. The Democrat party has left no real room to define the Right any differently if they were to become the boogey men they paint us to be. The fatigue that the American people feel from these labels will only result in a societal shrug if any violence were to occur from the Right side of the aisle. The statement I made months ago on our weekend program was that I could propose rounding up every minority in the country and putting them into a prison camp and the Left couldn’t call me a name they haven’t already.

The Left’s intent here is to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. They intend to apply pressure to anyone who does not agree with them politically, using law enforcement, who can now monitor someone’s communications for the simple act of being a supporter of the NRA, and hope that the pressure causes someone to snap so they can point at the event and say “see, we were right all along”. The Left has been working non-stop to push the Right into violent actions whether it’s been attacking them in the streets through ANTIFA, releasing personal information on social media, or making them afraid to show their political colors in public. This is all a plan hoping that someone will finally lash out because they feel they have no other recourse and give the Left an event with which they could point to as a reason why their political opponents should be prosecuted and jailed.

This has been a consistent practice in dictatorships for centuries, and there is no reason to believe that it wouldn’t occur in the United States. The Left has shown that they will not rest until they have nobody standing in the way of their “march to progress”. With impunity the Left has incited a violent base of radicals, including making threats against President Trump and his supporters, all with the top cover of a complicit media and a lazy fearful right-wing establishment, it’s only a matter of time until the frog realizes the water is boiling and the Left hopes that the frog tries to jump out of the pot so they have a reason to fasten a lid.