[LISTEN] Democrats Love Tragedies, Hashtags, and T-Shirts

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Democrats these days are more of a public relations firm and media outlet than a political party, they’re more concerned with coming up with catchy slogans, getting hashtags trending on social media, and making T-shirts than they are about coming up with coherent policy to make Americans daily lives better or improve the United States overall. A good example would be that in the wake of the Midland and Odessa shooting in Texas, which news released now shows that the gunman Seth Ator was denied the ability to purchase a firearm on a previous background check meaning that he more than likely illegally obtained the rifle he used in the shooting, and since that destroys the Left’s “punish everyone because one person did something bad” mentality the news media will likely drop discussing this Texas shooting directly and instead discuss the “recent surge of shootings” and of course have their panels of servile DNC operatives all signal that this is somehow because of Trump.

Beto O’Rourke one of the many candidates in the Democrat race for President who needs to get anything resembling a percent of support in the current bid was on CNN over the weekend and got attention because he cursed on live T.V., which let’s be honest, at this point is pretty lame to get all excited about. He said “This is F*cked up” when referring to the recent shootings, and now it’s a T-shirt that you can buy, with money. This perfectly encapsulates how the Democrats operate, we know they want to take our guns away, but their real priority is making something that looks good on a T-shirt and can trend as a hashtag. Let’s not confuse ourselves into thinking that Beto O’Rorke gives a damn about anyone who was killed in Texas.

You need to understand that Democrats love when these tragedies happen, especially when they happen when they’re out of power. They are jubilant when there is a tragedy because they get to virtue signal to their base about how bad things won’t happen if you just give unilateral power to the Democrat party. I’m sure the Democrats are upset that hurricane Dorian has been downgraded to a category 3 hurricane, they are already getting the wheels spinning to make Trump the reason hurricanes happen, a CNN headline today says “Trump golfs while hurricane Dorian heads to U.S. coast” which is pretty dishonest given that Trump was golfing this weekend and Dorian isn’t expected to make landfall with the U.S. at all, but will skirt the coast as a far lower category than the category 5 it was just a day or two ago. But once again, this isn’t about facts, this about effecting public perception to almost believe that Donald Trump creates hurricanes, and then does nothing about them when they strike.

We knew this was going to happen with Hurricane Maria, we even saw the hashtag marketing hungry Democrat party in action there. Carmen Cruz, the mayor of San Juan was on CNN with Anderson Cooper while thousands of residence had no food, no water, and no power, wearing a freshly screen printed shirt that said “help us we are dying” and she became the queen for a day when she intimated that Donald Trump was racist and that’s why things were so terrible for Puerto Rico during the storm, granted, FBI arrests and investigations have shown us that there was rampant corruption within Puerto Rico and a lot of misuse of emergency funds, something also indicative of Democrats. Don’t get me wrong, Democrats want hurricane Dorian to increase, they want it to hit Florida and they want people to die, that much is known. When the path was initially announced there were tons of liberals on social media celebrating and hoping Mar-a-Lago would be destroyed, and also hoping that a state that voted for Trump would be decimated.

Democrats want tragedies so they can use fear to increase their vote margins, they want school shootings so they can talk about gun control, they want hurricanes so they can talk about climate change, they want a recession so they can talk about socialism, they want racism so they can claim their opponents are racist. This is the Democrat party now; it is a party that wants tragedies so they can turn them into hashtags and T-shirts and increase their media presence and attempt to appeal solely on emotion to the American people based entirely on fear. The very idea that a party depends entirely on terrible occurrences to increase their percentage points heading into a primary is shameful and disgusting, and hopefully America is noticing.

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