Establishment GOP Shocked The Media Lies

I want to make sure I don’t come off as unfair to every person I may quote in this piece, but there is large amount of annoyance I get when I see people who are supposed to be “plugged in” to the media acting shocked when that media is corrupt and lies for political gain. It’s at a point now where instead of dealing with the incessant whining about how “unfair” a reporter is being, I wonder if some of these figures might consider why terms like “fake news” are popular, and why figures like Donald Trump, who has consistently identified and commented on the media’s bias and corruption, much to the dismay of some establishment GOP commentators, resonates so well with the American people. Bloomberg reporter Ben Penn is celebrating because he got Leif Olsen, the new senior advisor at the Department of Labor, to resign over an obviously sarcastic Facebook post which Penn claimed was anti-semetic.


I would be remiss if I didn’t note that the smug Facebook post does make fun of people who were tired of the do-nothings in the establishment GOP, not to mention that Paul Ryan’s reelection did literally nothing to help the agenda the American people voted for in 2016. I don’t know anything about Leif Olsen, but I know that he painted anyone against the establishment, at least according to his facebook post, as anti-semetic morons who hate the media entirely for almost no reason, so I can’t say I’m particularly upset that he is now seeing the “lamestream media”, that he so eloquently used as an example phrase to make Paul Ryan’s detractors on the right look like idiots, are now attacking him and he probably purperlexed because he’s been so faithful in towing the establishment norms.

Regardless of Olsen joining in the refrain that people sick of the GOP establishment capitulating to Democrats are all members of this non-existent “alt-right” I do pity him for not realizing the culture war that has been going on around him. More than likely, he probably believes people like David French and Bill Kristol know what the average American Conservative believes which ultimately would make him ignorant of the realities of the Left. What is most obnoxious is the apparent shock from some on the right that this would happen, and their thought that if they point it out anything will be done about it.

Nothing is more fun than seeing a situation like this unfold and David French finding a way to continue battling his favorite straw man, the alt-right. French hates that Trump talks about the fake news media, he can’t stand how Trump supporters are quick to point out how corrupt and downright maniacal the Left is, and he consistently claims Trump’s base is part of this undefinable “alt-right” who believes in conspiracies, you know, like that media reporters would make up outright lies and use the beurocrats in government offices to affect their politcal change, but that is just a “deep state conspiracy” right David? If you ever wondered why so many on the Right show anger toward some of these folks, it’s because they actively deny that things like this are happening and then are shocked when “one of them” get hit by it.

I am actually upset by Ken White’s seeming ignorance on this one. He gives more latitude to this reporter than he does the “alt-right” which is just a dog whistle for Trump supporters, I say this because he calls the “alt-right” racist but suggests that Ben Penn was just dumb and took the post literally. This is why the I can’t stand establishment Conservatives, they literally can’t fathom that Ben Penn and reporters like him would do this intentionally, that they don’t care if it’s honest, and that their ends justify their means.

Meanwhile, the rest of us on the Right (the majority I may add) who understand the malice on the Left will continue to push back against the Left and come up with realistic solutions for our movement to be successful against this kind of corruption. We will do this all while being called names by the former “thought leaders” of the GOP, many names and labels they borrow from a media who hates them too. Don’t worry Dave, Ken, and Leif, we will fight for your voice even though you never lifted a finger to fight for ours.

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