[LISTEN] How Trump Played The Democrats & Media With His Statement On Jews Voting Democrat

The mainstream media just can’t seem to get a clue when it comes to why Trump says some of the things he says. Don’t get me wrong, Trump many times speaks frankly and doesn’t run his statements through a gauntlet of public relations firms and focus groups, which is one of the reasons why I like him, you know, because he’s real and not produced in a Hollywood basement. American Jewish groups condemned President Trump over his statement claiming that Jews who vote Democrat are either ignorant or disloyal, and many Conservative commentators were perplexed why Trump would make such a statement, and honestly it isn’t that hard to figure out.

Washington D.C. really doesn’t have many tricks up their sleeve, especially in the Trump era we can see the cycle of how Democrats react and can predict how they will act in the future and I wish that my Conservative media colleagues could take a second and realize how simple this game really is sometimes. Donald Trump made his statement, and he knows that it would result in Jewish advocacy groups, the majority of whom support the progressive agenda would condemn his statement and that the media would over emphasize the support for Jews by the Democrat party. Certainly, there have been countless panels already on CNN and MSNBC waxing poetically about how amazingly supportive the Democrat party is to American Jews and the Nation of Israel. Trump is setting them up for a fall and for some reason nobody else seems to see it.

Democrat members of the House are considering formally censuring Israeli officials over the decision to bar Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) from entering Israel on a trip that was supported by a group known to support terrorism. The Democrats are considering issuing a statement of no confidence in Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. and suggesting the Inspector General investigate David Friedman, the U.S. envoy to Israel. It is undeniable that Tlaib and Omar will continue to apply pressure on the House Democrats to move forward with censure and ultimately all of the Left leaning Jewish groups will have to back pedal on their claims that the Democrat party is the true friend to Israel and American Jews. Trump knew that the media would pressure these groups into making unabashed statements and ultimately paint themselves into a corner once the House Democrats push to censure Israeli officials, which will be a foreign policy nightmare and create a wedge between American Jewish groups and the Israeli government.

The Democrats do this every time. Their hyperbole is so stark that they end up putting themselves in a corner because they always go to the extreme. You have to understand that there is certainly a connection between American Jewish political groups and Israel, the largest Jewish political group being the American-Israeli Political Action Committee, a PAC that seeks to strengthen ties and foreign policy between the United States and the State of Israel, so they would be put in a very interesting position when the Israeli government responds angrily to the censure of an Envoy and the American Ambassador to Israel for Israel exercising their right to bar people who wish to boycott their country. The Democrat-Media has decided that they would sell President Trump as an anti-semetic white supremacist to the public so they’re really left with no choice but to go full bore with their pearl clutching over Trump’s statement.

At a certain point people see through the BS narrative though, for instance, you must remember that Jewish groups condemned Ilhan Omar’s anti-semetic statements and when Democrats were pressured to condemn Omar over her statements, they instead made a generalized statement “against hate” because they didn’t have the backbone to condemn one of their own. How are these progressive Jewish groups going to explain to their supporters that Democrats should be supported when the Democrat party allows their members of Congress to affiliate with groups who support terrorism, their members regularly make anti-semetic statements, and most recently those members shared a political cartoon from a group who is know for their holocaust denial. At what point are the progressive Jewish groups going to accept that the Democrat party openly and willingly supports anti-semetism, and in the centuries long battle between Muslims and Jews the American Left has picked their horse and it isn’t Israel.

To be clear, I’m not a fan of identity politics, but I also understand the world we live in isn’t necessarily the world I think we should have. I’m not a fan of any type of statement that suggests someone needs to be loyal to any country aside from their own, I don’t unconditionally support any country besides the United States, because that is the country I have pledged my allegiance and I don’t give away my support for free or based on the political winds. This isn’t meant as a condemnation of Israel, there are many reasons both religious and secular that people have a strong connection to the State of Israel, and that is fine, I am just not a fan of political groups who demand unconditional support of our lawmakers to a foreign country, I just don’t see that as a logical request, and to be fair about this discussion, I don’t think that every criticism of Israel immediately equates to anti-Semitism, it doesn’t, that being said Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar do not like Israel because it is a Jewish state, and I do believe their dislike of Israel is rooted in anti-semitism, that’s my opinion but you’ll be hard pressed to prove me wrong.

I hope that my fellow Conservative broadcasters can start to see how Trump plays the media and Democrats against themselves, but until then, you can get the common sense and facts from us and be ahead of the curve by subscribing to this podcast and subscribing to our live show.