MSM Tries to Rebirth Race Protests for 2020

Ten days ago was the five year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. This situation resulted in massive protests and the rise of Black Lives Matter (BLM) to political prominence. Democrats used BLM as a grassroots activist group to spread identity politics and create a wedge issue with American voters, the political capital was first revealed when Democrats seized on the death of Trayvon Martin and President Obama used that death to insinuate to voters that if Republicans were elected black children would be murdered in the streets.

Democrats want to reignite this activism and racial fear for 2020, and need race to be a wedge issue against Donald Trump, this much is obvious. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) were both caught lying about the events of Michael Brown’s death showing their willingness to reignite these issues. Luckily both of the Democratic Presidential candidates were called out for lying and enough people pushed back against accusing Darron Wilson, the police officer who was acquitted by a grand jury and the Department of Justice of any wrong doing, of murder. Those of us who know how the media works, and how they conduct propaganda operations on behalf of the Democratic party knew what was coming, they were going to rebirth the BLM movement for 2020.

We can no longer pretend like this is a coincidence. Daniel Pantaleo faced a grand jury and a Department of Justice investigation was was not found guilty of any crime in the death of Eric Garner. An administrative Judge handed down his opinion that Pantaleo should be fired on August 2nd and Commissioner O’Neil announced his firing against the recommendation of the Fraternal Order of Police citing that it would be a “blow to morale” if he were to fire Pantaleo. Why is this being brought up now, why was there a press conference about an administrative decision that for some reason took 5 years to make even though it only took 5 months for a grand jury to examine the facts of the case? Because Democrats need political fuel.

Some people may say that opinion is conspiratorial, but you can’t look at the attempt to revitalize the BLM movement and then see this announcement of action on a years old case, being amplified by mainstream media as an obvious attempt to incite the anger that was captured with the original BLM protests. Democrats are having a rough time finding a coherent message, and they desperately need an issue to incite the masses onto the streets and generate fear among minority voters so they’ll pull the lever for which ever candidate gets to drive the clown car after the primary.

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