[LISTEN] Ben Shapiro Finally Gets a Dose of His Own Medicine

Conservative Podcaster Ben Shapiro found himself getting a dose of his own medicine yesterday and his way of handling it embodies the reasons why I am not a fan. I had the opportunity of being more active on Twitter yesterday since the Wronghtink Radio facebook page was suspended for 30 days because we shared a news article about Swedish police telling women to change their behavior after a string of sexual assaults perpetrated by Muslim refugees in Sweden, but that’s a different report. Ben Shapiro was making a statement on his program responding to Presidential candidate Kamala Harris discussing people working two jobs to make ends meet. His response came off as callous and tone-deaf.

“If you had to work more than one job to have a roof over your head or food on the table, you probably shouldn’t have taken the job that’s not paying you enough. That’d be a you problem”

Politicos on Twitter were quick to point out that it’s these types of tone deaf statements that make Conservatives look like elitists who sit at the country club wondering why all these middle class workers don’t just pull up their boot straps and go to Harvard, you know, like Ben did. The people on the Right who are criticizing Ben are doing so because his argument is bad, he wasn’t saying how bad Kamala Harris’ solution was, he was impugning the people she was claiming to represent, and that does not make you look like the person with the better solution, that makes you look like an a-hole who dismisses part of the population because you find them inconvenient to your narrative. Shapiro of course is able to use the tactic from his book “How to Debate Leftists and Destroy Them” which is #3 Frame your opponent, which he does my sharing this tweet from a Media Matters contributor and goes on to frame anyone who criticizes his statement as someone who supports progressive ideals or is a Media Matters troll.

“The point I am making, of course, is that you cannot dictate that a job pay you what you wish it paid you. That is obvious, and why it is foolishness for politicians to claim that the economy can be structured to force your desired level of pay from a job you chose to take”

Shapiro claims that this was the point he was making, and it certainly is the point he would much rather debate, it is certainly a far better debate to have than just telling someone “if you have to work two jobs you should have taken a higher paying job” which is what Ben Shapiro actually said, and is therefore his actual point. Personal responsibility is a foundation of Conservatism, but Conservatives don’t make any points for telling a single mother of three working two jobs that she works 12 hours days because of all the mistakes she’s made in life and therefore nobody should care about you. Shapiro was even using statistics from 2013, which would have been a great opportunity to mention how poor Obama’s economy was on the middle class and the poor, and if Kamala Harris were elected we would be going back to that status quo, but instead he chose his statement of elitism and arrogance.

Shapiro is quick to criticize Trump for his statements on Twitter, and is typically disingenuous in his interpretations of what the President is saying when he does, so I will admit, I love seeing Shapiro get a dose of his own medicine, except this time I don’t need to spin anything Shapiro said, I just need to share the actual quote. For someone who consistently claims that Trump lacks class and tact I think this could be a good lesson for Shapiro because Trump has never really come off as an uncaring elitist to the working class, quite the opposite, but maybe we are seeing a reason why Shapiro doesn’t like Trump, maybe he does have an aversion to recognizing the problems of blue collar America and acknowledging that they are worthy of consideration. Hopefully this is a teachable moment for Shapiro and he can realize that he isn’t debating the dumbest college students in the room with a full editing team ready to publish the most outlandish statements made by a women’s studies major to his YouTube and that he’s going to be held to account for statements he makes.

This isn’t the first time that Shapiro has acted out when criticized either. Recently he stormed out of a BBC interview while pushing his book “The Right Side of History” which he previously called “the most morally idiotic phrase of modern times”, because the host Andrew Neil read some of his previous tweets and Shapiro responded while getting up and leaving by saying “You talk about undermining the public discourse, it seems to me that simply going through and finding lone things that sound bad out of context, and the hitting people with them is a way for you to make a quick buck on BBC off the fact that I’m popular and no one has ever heard of you.” After statements like these it should come as no surprise that people are quick to point out that Ben Shapiro has an arrogance problem and does not take criticism well.


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