Liberals Panic Because Ice Melts in Summer

AOC ran to Twitter yesterday to convince everyone that we needed to turn our entire economy over to the government because socialism was going to save the world from the pending doom of climate change. This is the same climate change that Democrat Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang said we were too late to do anything about, and other Presidential contender Pete Buttigieg said we only have 12 years to live because of, but none-the-less we need to commit to complete and total governmental control or we will all die. Certainly it should be noted that this rhetoric lines directly up with tech giant Google hosting it’s climate summit in Italy, which A-list celebrities are flocking to in their private jets and yachts, because A-list celebrities are exactly who we should trust when it comes to climate science.

Certainly a reasonable person would see the obvious pivot being done here by the liberal movement. They’ve decided the best bet for gaining power in 2020 is through scaring low-information voters into believing that the world will end if you don’t elect a Democrat to the Oval Office. This is exactly what happened when former Vice President Al Gore accepted his Nobel prize (because they were just giving them out even before Barack Obama) in 2007 because he suggested that in 7-years (2014) we wouldn’t have polar ice caps at all. Obviously liberals don’t like when you share the inconvenient truth that we’ve been through this charade before, literally before every Presidential election since 2000 in fact, and here we sit still alive, still not on fire, and oddly, we even had 8-years of a Democrat administration and somehow STILL are on the brink of disaster. Somehow I think the people are waking up to the insanity that is Democrat party politics at this point, but it will be interesting to see what other things they blame on climate change.

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