Why White Americans Feel Forgotten

On July 25th in the Kennedy Heights neighborhood of Cincinnati Devonta Allen drew a pistol and fired at two cars shouting, “I don’t want white people in my hood”. As much as this refrain is obnoxious because we keep having to saying it, but, if the roles were reversed everybody would know about it. If a white man drew a pistol and shouted “I don’t want black people in my neighborhood” we would hear endless coverage from the liberal media, they would have panels discussing how Trump’s tweets encouraged this behavior and there would be a Congressional hearing to discuss “white supremacy” as domestic terrorism.

Civil rights leaders would descend upon Cincinnati to help with the healing of the community through such an awful tragedy. Late night comedians would stop their jokes and stare straight into the camera with as serious a face as they could muster and discuss how awful this incident was and how we need to stop dividing America. Every Democrat running for President would get in front of a television camera to condemn this hateful act and language and talk about how damaging this behavior is to the nation and how we need to push this kind of thinking out of our communities because it’s so destructive to our nation.

If you ever want a real look into why people are losing faith in this country, why white men account for almost 70% of suicides in the United States, and why you consistently hear about people feeling lost, hopeless, or forgotten, it’s because they literally are. Identity politics has pushed our nation into a caste system, liberals have created a value system for people which is based on their intersectionality score and reduced people’s value to the color of their skin, their gender, and their sexual orientation and since white men generate a 0 on the intersectionality score card, they generate 0 amount of concern among a political class that only panders to specific groups for woke sound bites. Conservatives regularly shy away from this discussion, they don’t want to talk about it, even bringing this up subjects you to attacks from liberals because anything that shows concern for white men immediately equals hatred for minorities, because liberals depend on the Marxist theory of everyone being either an oppressor or oppressed.

80% of opioid deaths are White Americans, and if that statistic were any other racial or ethnic group you would hear about it, in fact, if that statistic were any other ethnic or racial group there would be discussion about whether the government intended for that group to be targeted, there would be rhetoric by lawmakers suggesting that the government allowed this specifically so they could kill off that segment of the population, and we may scoff at that assertion, and rightfully so, but if a lawmaker were to use that exact same rhetoric about white Americans they would be laughed out of office. Why is there such a difference? Why do politicians think that Americans don’t notice the racial disparity created by identity politics? The entire intent behind identity politics is to create that racial disparity after all.

The fact is, if you’re white and especially if you’re a white male, you’ve been told by the political elite that you don’t matter. Most Americans want to live in a society where we are recognized as individuals and are recognized by our actions and our accomplishments. Politicians have claimed that their platitudes about diversity would do exactly that, so an entire generation of Americans jump on board and supported this idea for a greater America, but it was all just Marxist rhetoric to create a society of “haves” and “have-nots” all to push for more government power to solve the disparities that either don’t actually exist, or were created by the political class themselves. Now that same political class is scratching their head and wonder why there seems to be such a push back in this country and they’ve become so accustomed to completely ignoring an entire race of their citizens that they literally can not figure out what’s wrong.

If these rolls were reversed, the liberal media and the political elite would care. If these rolls were reversed this would be called racist, and it would be identified as the type of rhetoric that is cancerous to our nation. Since these rolls aren’t reversed, the liberal media and the political elite don’t care, so don’t be surprised when you look at your polling data after Presidential candidates talked about “white privilege” at a debate and wonder why white Americans think politicians don’t care about them, it’s because they don’t.