[Listen] The Democrats' Bad Russiagate Sequel

in 2008 audiences gathered to relive their nostaliga for one of the greatest action/adventure heroes of all time Indiana Jones, and those audiences were delivered the lackluster “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. What does that have to do with politics? Much like Hollywood’s sad attempts to monetize on our fond memories from the past, and since liberalism is created in a Hollywood basement, the Russiagate revival tour happening today with Mueller’s testimony before Congress today has the trappings to the sequel nobody wanted to a movie we all regret, like the Deuce Bigelow: European gigolo of politics.

Democrats hope to revive the dead conspiracy of Russian collusion and a stolen election that brought us moments like the women’s march or Rashida Tlaib’s profanity laden calls for impeachment. With the struggling Democrat party failing to grab headlines for their 2020 candidates that don’t m involve Beto O’Rourke doing push-ups in an airport or Cory Booker trying to convince a late night audience that he totally has testosterone coupled with offers of free everything, especially if you’re an illegal alien, the Democrat party needs a revival tour, Robert Mueller is their Shia LeBouf and they’re hoping to get the #resistance back together for another tour hoping Trump derangement and media propaganda will fill the void of actual coherent policy that isn’t blatant pandering and racial division.

The Mueller testimony is nothing but an attempt to create innuendo and muddy the waters of the Mueller report which found no collusion. It’s a sad attempt to create discord among the American people by convincing the Democrats’ liberal base that that the 2016 election was stolen from them by a hostile foreign power, and Trump and his supporters are in fact, russian agents working for the Kremlin. The rhetoric alone exists to create a wedge between Americans and create talking points in the media that can make any dissenting opinion about the Democrat party part of a “Russian misinformation campaign” or any criticism of their policies on social media be the actions of “Russian bots”.

The Democrats know they can create hysteria among their most devote acolytes and their media lapdogs, the hope being that social media will become a series of liberals calling anyone who disagrees with them a treasonous Russian agent and even co-opt big tech to silence Conservatives stating fear of “election meddling”, all the while curating google search results to only show news stories about Cory Booker’s testosterone, Pete Buttigieg’s favorite Madonna album, or Kamala Harris’ hot sauce collection.

Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, if you thought the cognitive dissonance was bad before, it’s going into overdrive for the 2020 election, and this kangaroo court for Muelller is merely part of the DNC revival tour.