[LISTEN] Like Rats From a Sinking Ship, The Deep State is on The Run

Democrats (and sadly some Republicans) are clamoring to begin impeachment proceedings on Donald Trump. This is notable by the fact that they’re using the Mueller report which has been out long enough that if their reason were truly what is in the report they would have been furious weeks ago. The two reasons this didn’t happen is first that Democrats were more concerned about public approval for impeachment, meaning that it is purely political and devoid of justice and second, the timing is questionable, this sudden energy to push impeachment, and have that dominate the national conversation, seems to come alarmingly close to the Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report and the appointment of John Durham, the U.S. attorney investigating the origins of the entire Russia conspiracy.

It is pretty obvious that the deep state is deflecting from what will come out of these investigations, that they tried to usurp the voice of the American people because they didn’t want someone upsetting their status quo.