Bill Kristol Goes Woke

Self designated “real Conservative” Bill Kristol is sure sounding a lot like the liberals who fund his anti-Trump rag the Bulwark these days. Kristol decided that he would appeal to the hard Left by capitulating to cultural Marxism and the fantasy of “white Male privelage”

In what I would normally think is something satirical I would not be surprised if this is a requirement for Bill Kristol’s funding from liberal Pierre Omidyar to continue whining about Trump and pretending anyone listens to (or reads) what he has to say. The issue I have with this type of statement is that you can’t be a Conservative and hold these views. You can’t consider yourself anything other than a Marxist if you support the disgusting ideology of identity politics.

The concept that people are immediately granted some high stature based solely on their race is devoid of any facts, and Conservatives love facts. The truth be told, there are more poor white men, more incarcerated white men, and more unemployed white men in the United States, the saddest part is that Bill Kristol knows this, but for some reason has chosen to continue the racial division that was stoked under the Obama regime. After all the damage Kristol has done to the Conservative brand, is this finally enough for those on the right to finally disavow Kristol so he can join Morning Joe and play pretend Republican with Scarborough?

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