Podcast: The Left's Radicalization to Violence


Starting with a court decision out of Canada that threatens jail time to a father if he refers to his daughter by her actual biological and scientifically verifiable gender claiming that he’s committing “family violence” it shows the Left moving in the direction of labeling anything they disagree with as violent so they can build their straw men against that instead of actually debating policy. This comes at a time that the rhetoric on the Left is reaching a fevered pitch while Democrats are likening everyone who supports Trump to Nazis (again) or white supremacists (again), to include a Jewish deli owner in Indiana being accused of “feeding nazis” by someone on his own city’s council.

This is the new tactic of the Left, but as always, they accuse you of what they are doing. While the media is trying to sell Trump and his supporters as the boogeymen under your child’s bed, they ignore the fact that ANTIFA is being investigated by the FBI for attempting to arm people at the border to attack border patrol and immigration enforcement, and that a former U.S. Army infantryman who recently converted to Islam wanted to detonate an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) at a Right-wing rally which was identified by leftist groups as a “nazi rally” and had fliers throughout Long Beach, California telling citizens to “stop the hate” but there will be no MSNBC or CNN panel about whether that rhetoric could have radicalized someone into this kind of violence.

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