Buttigieg Plays Preacher

On today’s ride to work podcast we discuss Pete Buttigieg’s statements on “meet the press” where he accuses Evangelicals of hypocrisy for supporting Donald Trump. Buttigieg shares his interpretation of the holy scriptures which conveniently match his policy prescriptions, such as his interpretation that when Jesus spoke of taking care of strangers, he meant illegal immigrants. The discussion that must be had, but many don’t want, is whether or not anyone should take the accusation of subjective morality from someone who is a subjective moralist themselves?

None of us are perfect, and it’s silly to even assert we are, but Pete Buttigieg is a gay man who supports abortion, so there are obviously parts of scripture that he doesn’t agree with, perhaps even wholly ignores. Does that make Pete worse than the rest of us? No. Pete Buttigieg condemning an entire sector of American society for something he’s all to comfortable doing himself, that’s what makes him worse.

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