I Can't Be Silent on Neo-Conservatism's B.S.

Erick Erickson has done some great things when it comes to getting the Conservative message out, but I simply can’t be silent when I see bad arguments for foreign aid being paraded as Conservative solutions. In an article published today Erickson maps out his dissent to cutting off foreign aid to South American countries. Erickson shows the correlation between the amount of U.S. foreign aid spent in countries, and their increase of trade and reduction in drug trafficking etc. The concept of course being, if America gives aid to a country to push it toward a certain goal, then that country will capitulate to the wishes of the U.S. and our diplomatic objectives, seems pretty straight forward.

Erick Erickson just supported the Iran deal by President Obama.

This was the logic that the Obama administration had when they sent a plain load of cash to Iran under the cover of darkness. Erickson tries to soften the blow to fiscal Conservatives by saying that we spend “less than a billion” on foreign aid to South America, I guess “Conservatives” have a secret bench mark for how much money wasted is a problem, as opposed to the standard “are we getting what we pay for?” The reason for this, is we aren’t getting what we paid for. It’s easy to show trade budgets and some drug trafficking reduction as a reason to continue to finance other countries, except when you add in their refusal to stop the flow of illegal aliens and the cost to the American taxpayer your metric suddenly goes upside down, which is precisely why Erickson didn’t use those numbers.


The neo-Conservative strategy of calling everything a national security crisis as a means to justify irresponsible spending needs to die. We should not need to bribe countries for loyalty, that seems to be a far more pressing issue since this is the justification for Erickson “China will gladly fill the void”. I always find it impressive how some “Conservatives” can justify foreign spending to keep some boogey man from influencing a country, but can’t understand the need to stop people from LITERALLY coming into our country illegally, it simply baffles me how they do these gymnastics.

I am tired of these tactics. If national security is a priority, then support building a wall on our border and ending illegal immigration and birthright citizenship, these are methods that are being employed to flood our country, depress our wages, hurt American workers, and create a class of generations dependent on the government, that Erick is a crisis, not the possibility that China might fund El Salvador in our absence and in some abstract then create some national security threat, maybe, someday, possibly.

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