Beto isn't Hispanic, but He Loves That You Think He Is

When Robert Franics O’Rourke came to national attention when he ran against Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race in 2018 he decided to present himself as “Beto”, the Hispanic nickname for someone named Roberto. The media affectionately adopted the nickname with no questions asked but many knew it was nothing more than pandering to Hispanic voters in Texas. O’Rourke has no Hispanic heritage, but Ted Cruz does, Ted Cruz is of Cuban descent, and for those keeping score at home also lived a short time in Canada, but that is beside the point. The flagrant attempt to blindly appeal to Hispanics, and the reality that he was trying to pull a fast one on white elitist Democrats into thinking they were voting for a Hispanic guy so they could tell everyone how progressive they are, finally proved to be worthwhile when the Associated Press blindly accepted his public relations step when they published an article claiming that Beto spoke in his “native spanish”.

Beto has never actually claimed to be Hispanic, he’s done everything but. He relied on media optics to sell the idea that he was, and without being as dumb as Elizabeth Warren, he adopted a victim class with which he could use to appeal to Progressive voters who will literally vote out of “white guilt”. Most people should be disgusted at such brazen pandering, but not the Democrat party, it used to be that this obvious of a political stunt would end a career because it drips with arrogance, and is pretty offensive that you would believe people to be so stupid as to think that some rich white guy can just pretend to be a minority and then the Left would make him a darling, yet in 2019, here we are.

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