Liberals Say Mispronouncing Names is Racist

We all know that person who faced the unfortunate fate of having parents who wanted to stand out and decided they would show the world their uniqueness by finding some ridiculous way to spell their name, or name them something almost unidentifiable of a name. I’m reminded of the recent story about they girl named ‘abcde’ which is supposed to be pronounced “ab-city”. We all know liberals need to create racism because they face a supply and demand issue when it comes to their virtue signaling, but this certainly takes the cake in stretching to make everything racist.

In a recent podcast from KUOW.org, liberals spend 14 minutes trying to convince their listeners that mispronouncing names is racist. Of course, they won’t address the misspellings, ridiculous abstractions, nor the constant want of urban liberals to upstage eachother by being more edgy and unique much to the pain of their children. It is always fun to see liberals complain about something that is their own creation. Listening to a group whine that after decades of telling minorities that they need to stand out, and that integrating into society is a form of modern day slavery, they now complain that the very society they didn’t want to be a part of has no idea where they’re coming from.

Given the recent demolition of the Left’s favorite talking point, I imagine we will see several more hot takes like this.

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