Dems in Full Panic Over Mueller: Will We See Justice?

Watching the panic from the Left over Mueller submitting his reports with no new indictments, and every indictment he had submitted had nothing to do with “Russian collusion” or even the Trump campaign is cathartic. America watched as the government spied on a presidential campaign, indicted people for process crimes just to say “we got something” and conduct needless pre-dawn raids with a full squad of armed FBI agents. This is the capstone of one of the most embarrassing times in our nation’s history.

The Democrats will demand the report be released so they can cherry pick and selectively edit lines to create innuendo that somehow Trump is really guilty, but they can’t do that without maligning the “most qualified man for the job” Robert Mueller. House committees will continue ridiculous investigations trying to find literally anything they can feed their deranged base to convince them that the Democrat party is still worth existence. The politics of the Left are the politics of fear, and revenge, and their continual subversive rhetoric is losing it’s potency, but they are too far to turn back now.

The question now is will these people face justice? Will the Democrats who weaponized intelligence for politics be prosecuted, will the FBI agents who abused their authority and lied to help a presidential candidate face repercussions? Will the former Attorney General face indictment for obstructing a real investigation, while propagating a fake one?

This may be the end of the Mueller witch hunt, but it is not the end of the Democrats pursuit to destroy our republic over their embarrassing loss in 2016. Ultimately this entire situation goes back to the Democrat party having their corruption put on full display, and losing so much public confidence that they need to manufacture an crisis just to remain relevant. As a nation, we need to punish those who attempted to overthrow the will of the American people, and ensure that the Washington elite never try this again.

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