It's Time to Stop with The Fake Outrage America

KSWO-TV in Oklahoma fired Mandy Bailey, a meteorologist on Monday over a Rebus puzzle she shared on television. For those of you who don’t know, a Rebus puzzle is one that uses pictures or the placement of words to form a phrase that the observer must figure out. The reason this Rebus puzzle was so offensive? Because it contained a noose.

No reasonable person was offended by this, and anyone who thinks that nooses only effected minorities needs to read up on history, or needs to acknowledge that they are merely complaining to virtue signal about themselves and play victim. We have created a victim economy in the United States that encourages people to find reasons to be offended and then use that offense as a weapon. A woman is out of a job because people are out looking to be offended by symbols that are wholly meaningless to them, in fact, they’ve never seen the use of this symbol outside of Hollywood.


The fact that this NBC station needed to react only encourages these people to continue to wield their feigned offense like a cudgel and beat people with it until they get their way. I fear for the kinds of words we wont be able to use in the future because someone might be offended by it. America is better than this, we can’t allow a few people create a culture that walks on egg shells because they are out to find a reason to complain and cry oppression.

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