Document Data Reveals CNN Illegally Received Sealed Stone Indictment

Roger Stone and Kristin Davis leave court in New York, Thursday, March 30, 2017. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

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A report earlier today reveals that lawyers for Roger Stone are claiming the case that the Office of the Special Counsel leaked a sealed indictment to CNN to ensure that cameras were rolling when Roger Stone was arrested by a heavily armed FBI raid in the early hours at his Florida home, and an additional report claims that meta-data from the draft shared with Stone’s attorney shows it was recived by CNN two days prior it being unsealed. Not that anyone with half a brain needed to be convinced that CNN didn’t suddenly find an ability to actually conduct journalism, and instead relied on leaks to help spread propaganda. This entire event was an attempt to ensure that Roger Stone, a man who is unabashed about being a complete thorn in Robert Mueller and anyone else peddling the Russian collusion conspiracy, didn’t get a fair trial from the start.

The media has made it obvious that the Russian collusion conspiracy to them is the hill they are willing to die on, and they thought that this pre-dawn arrest would reinvigorate the #resist movement which has been waning due to the lack of evidence and the undeniable conclusion that this is the only talking point Democrats have. What do we as a nation do when our media is purposefully running a public relations campaign for a specific political party? What do we as a nation do when these same con-artists try to convince America that pointing out their lies and their propaganda is somehow a threat to Democracy?

These are troubling times that we’ve spent almost two years seeing anyone who was even involved in the Trump campaign dragged before committees and questioned by law enforcement because Wikileaks revealed actual corruption in the Democrat party. We watched America tube fed a ghost story about Russians hiding under their bed and influencing their political opinions with facebook memes, and we even saw the media lie multiple times about “anonymous sources” all the be disproved and never retracted.  We are a year out from the New Hampshire primary, and I have no faith that the media is going to calm their pravda campaign to try and destroy this country because the American people learned the truth about the Democrat party and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The only way that we can fight back is by supporting alternative media. We need to have the uncomfortable conversations with our friends and co-workers about how the media lies to the American people. We need to vocally stand up and let the silent majority of Americans know that they are not alone.

Heading in to election season we have a great opportunity to push back against the Left and their sycophants, and we need to take it. Do not lose hope, and don’t let the Conservatives in the #NeverTrump movement continue their liberal funded controlled opposition either. We have the ability to call out what is going on, and it is easier than ever for people to see who is really pulling the strings, which means we can unmask the corruption of the media and the Democrat party even to the low information people out there.


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