Covington High School Forced to Close Because Deranged Leftists Refuse to Accept the Media Lied

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Over the weekend we were all treated to a media frenzy over a short video clip of some high school boys and a native American that resulted in a media firestorm, and inevitable retraction as we knew would happen. Many of you are aware of the Covington High School boys at the Lincoln memorial after the March for Life and the resulting outrage/retractions the media performed. Over the weekend, myself and my staff at Wrongthink were aiding in collecting threatening messages that were sent or referenced the school or the boys involved in the incident to ensure that those message could be used by the legal team who will be representing the boys in the coming and hopefully, extremely damaging, lawsuit.

Many threats were shared on social media, and they are extremely telling of where the Left exists on the political spectrum these days. This isn’t outrage because of what they saw happen, even if the story was what the media claimed it is still rather benign to be honest. This is an excuse the Left has been waiting for to start assaulting, humiliating, and outright destroying anyone who has a different opinion than them. It isn’t much of a surprise that the jack boots of the Left decided to insert themselves into this controversy, so of course ANTIFA planned to show up at the school Tuesday morning.

Covington parents received a call at 6am Tuesday that the school would be closed due to security concerns from local authorities. We know that a protest was planned at the school for Tuesday, but you would imagine that after the full video came out, and the retractions by the media they would cancel their protest, but since as we all know, it was never actually about what happened in D.C., it was just an excuse to go on the assault they always wanted. Some personalities on social media have suggest that the school needs to be burned to the ground with the children still inside, and many on the Left are refusing to back down from their attacks against these kids, instead they have shifted from “disrespecting a native American” to “smug privileged white boys”. Whatever gives them an excuse to attack Trump, and Conservatives as a whole, at least Alyssa Milano wasn’t shy about sharing her real reasoning for hating the Covington boys.

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