The Media Lied to Punish Kids for Wearing MAGA Hats

A video went viral on the internet Saturday morning showing a group of kids from Covington Catholic school supposedly surrounding a group of Native Americans while wearing MAGA hats. The media, and unfortunately, even some Conservatives immediately clutched their pearls and began virtue signaling about how inappropriate the children were acting and condemning the actions. I am upset to see Conservatives so quick to buy what a Democrat controlled media is selling.

Within a matter of hours, after main stream media began sharing the story and attempting to identify the students several videos from different angles were released and once again we see the media selectively editing reality to fit a narrative, and this time it was to punish children for supporting the President and the March for Life. The students from Covington High school were in DC for the March for life and were waiting for their bus home at the Lincoln memorial, that is when noted activist Nathan Phillips approached the group of students, cameras ready, and began beating his ceremonial drum in the face of one of the students. Nathan Phillips is known to decry racism at the drop of a hat, and is nothing more than a liberal outrage artist.

It wasn’t long after the edited video went viral and suddenly Nathan Phillips is raising money for himself and his non-profit the Native Youth Alliance, as noted in an article here by inquistr.  The problem is, what Phillips said happened didn’t, and the media ran with his lie because it fit their anti-Trump narrative and now Phillips has financially gained from selling a lie and these children are being investigated by their school over nothing. A liberal activist sought to intimidate children, and a compliant media was all too ready to be his accomplice because they want these kids to know that supporting the President will ruin your life.

Below is the video from a far different angle. One that shows the complete opposite of what the media claimed happened and any responsible journalist would have wanted to see the situation from as many angles as possible before going on to national television and accusing children of racism or bigotry.

Once again, liberals lied. Once again, the media went along with the lie. Once again, some Conservatives were all to eager to yell “not me!” to gain favor with the main stream media.

These are children folks, high school kids who were brave enough to march for life and have their voices heard, and now they are facing potential disciplinary action from their school because some deranged activist wanted to get his face back on television, and raise money. We need to stand up against bullying children and using them as pawns, everyone should have known better than to jump to conclusions, now we can only hope that these kids don’t face disciplinary punishment for standing around waiting for their bus.

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