Trump vs Hillary? "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

After Ted Cruz’s graceful exit speech, of course the “lets unite” calls begin in the GOP, and while normally that is reasonable thing to do, with Trump the dishonest charlatan and interloper, that is all wrong. Trump deserves no such consideration.

Let me answer this challenge to those who whine ‘but you’ll let Hillary win’. I say this: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

I didn’t let Hillary win. The supporters of the unelectable clown Donald Trump let her win by nominating such an unfit alternative. Neither Donald nor Hillary is fit to be President. Neither candidate is worthy of a vote.

This choice is between two corrupt, lying New York liberal statist phonies. One an influence buyer, the other an influence seller. What’s the difference? At least with Hillary, you know her flaws – a record of graft, bad policy, typical bankrupt liberal pandering and dishonesty so blatant its called “Clintonesque”. With Trump, you have the wildcard factor of a man who is 100% for himself always, will sell us out on a whim AND has the policy depth of a rain puddle. But worse, this interloper now represents the party of Reagan and Lincoln; we have fallen far.

If Trump loses, the GOP and the country is set back 4 years, if Trump wins, it will destroy the conservative movement for a decade or more, and who knows what may happen once Trump tweets his way into a trade war. BOTH candidates are enemies of American freedom.

So don’t make us the agent of one horrible President by shaming us with the spectre of another horrible candidate. Both are unworthy, and its shameful that America has come so low that despite so many excellent candidates, including one of the best in many years – Ted Cruz – we are left with these two unfit corrupt sociopath candidates.

I supported Ted Cruz because of all the candidates, I felt he was the one candidate who had the principles and the courage to implement the kinds of real change we need to avoid America’s decline – economically, politically and otherwise. And contrary to Trump’s dishonest label, Cruz was a man of integrity. He was the only one who would get America back to the governing principles that made America great in the first place. With neither candidate having that understanding or agenda, we have a choice that is NO CHOICE AT ALL: It’s a travesty.


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