The Long Con

Donald Trump has run the most unusual and unorthodox primary campaign, but with the benefits of a celebrity candidate and a say-anything populist message that contradicted his life as a cronyist New York establishment donor class insider, he is on track to becoming the nominee.  So what just happened? This story suggests that Donald Trump and the Black, Manafort and Stone team have used prior experience in ” weaponizing anti-establishment politics” to pull this off.  It may well be this whole primary was a long con by Donald the deceiver, and a Roger Stone production. The real story on this campaign may yet to be told.


The three main takeaways you need to keep in mind in the Roger Stone-Donald Trump story are:
1. Roger Stone’s dirty tricks specialty is manipulating voter fractures, and weaponizing anti-establishment politics to serve the electoral needs of mainstream Republican candidates;

2. Roger Stone and Donald Trump have been working together since the mid-1980s, mostly on sleazy campaigns to help Trump’s casino business, but also in politics;

3. Roger Stone and Donald Trump worked together in at least two major “black bag” operations manipulating anti-establishment politics to help the mainstream Republican presidential candidate.