#CruzToVictory over #UnelectableTrump

I came to a stark conclusion today after reading yet another Berman piece on how unelectable Trump is: BECAUSE Trump is unelectable, it would be ‘safe’ for me to vote Trump. You see, I got into the #neverTrump corner because I know Trump is a lying, corrupt, phony.  I don’t want to be held responsible for foisting this man on the country. I cannot vote for him.  And yet,  if it’s Trump vs Hillary I don’t want to see the consequences of her getting a ‘mandate’.  What to do?

Trump’s 60% unfavorables, and his double digit deficits in head-to-head polling against Hillary makes him unelectable. Trump is thus more a threat to the Republican office holders than to the nation. Trump’s idiocy on Putin is irrelevent when he has unfavorables with women such that the gender gap will become a Grand Canyon.  The real ‘threat’ of nominating an unfit lying phony ends up being an unelectable anchor. We have a Todd Akin problem.

When you have a problem like that there is only one solution: GET A BETTER NOMINEE.  There is a way to avoid the splitting of the party. A way to compromise and heal. Nominate Cruz. The loud and angry Trumpists will squeal but the rest of us will be relieved, unified and strong.  The only #neverTrump position that makes sense is to rally to Cruz and #CruzToVictory. Cruz is truly our only hope.

If Cruz doesn’t win, Trump is the nominee and Hillary becomes President.   Supporting Trump, or going #neverTrump if the nomination selected Trump won’t matter. None of it will matter. Trump’s been a great campaigner who has pandered his way into many voter’s hearts, but he showed us all his tricks and manipulations and they won’t get him elected in the fall. It won’t help in Trump vs Hillary, and Hillary will win.

It seems Erickson came to that conclusion and then went further, basically asserting that the #neverTrump movement should not try to go third party, because it will only become a scapegoat for the inevitable losing Trump campaign. In other words, let the fools who supported Trump in the first place be the ones to be responsible for his losing in the fall. Don’t give them any excuses.  There will be hell to pay if we don’t nominate Cruz, and let the Trump supporters be the ones to pay it.


I have to agree. Third party runs don’t work and a scapegoat for Trump’s inevitable failure serves no good purpose. Trump has set off a vile sequence of events that has caused a lot of Republican internal conflict. Trump has attacked candidates personally; his supporters attack people, the party, and want to ‘burn it down’.  The GOP circular firing squad will continue well past the election, and I would want no part of it. I became #neverTrump because Trump became such a bad and terrible candidate I decided I couldn’t support him, even as a lesser evil.

I do care, about America.  But I care enough to know that the only person we can trust to be a decent President at this point is Ted Cruz.  If we cannot get Cruz to win the nomination, we cannot fix it. It’s a smashed and broken election cycle. So let’s all #CruzOrDieTrying, that’s all we’ve got left.