Rubio Supporters Start Endorsing Cruz

This just hit my email inbox. It’s a well-written endorsement that reflects well why the Rubio campaign resonated with many,  and explains why and how Ted Cruz should pick up the mantle of support from Rubio advocates. Rep. Jason Isaac is a State Representative in central Texas.  I’m sharing it in hopes we have more of the same to build on the momentum for Ted Cruz.

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign for President of the United States. While I’m grateful for his stepping up to run, I’m wholeheartedly giving my support to Ted Cruz.

As Senator Rubio said in his final speech as a presidential candidate, “The politics of resentment will not just leave us a fractured party. It will leave us a fractured nation.”

America has strayed far from the Founding Fathers’ plan for a nation centered around liberty and limited government from sea to shining sea. Senator Rubio has called on the Republican Party to create a new political establishment — one that is less interested in poll numbers and headlines and more interested in solving problems and standing by principles.

Ted Cruz has gained a reputation as a principled conservative, and I believe it’s time to unite around him as the Republican candidate for President of the United States. Texas is a leader in the nation, not only in economic growth, but also in preserving freedom, in keeping government small, and in reaching across the aisle to work together with people of different opinions. Ted Cruz has unique firsthand experience of the “Texas miracle.” His plans to simplify the federal tax code, reduce burdensome regulations, and unleash America’s energy resources will go a long way in making our nation a little more like Texas. With the support of our great state, he can defeat the Democratic Party and take the conservative principles that have made the Lone Star State the greatest state in our nation to Washington.

For those of you with friends and family in states whose primaries have not yet occurred, I hope you’ll join me in urging them to cast their vote for Ted Cruz. A vote for any other candidate is a vote for the Democrats.

I’m hopeful that come November, the title of President-Elect will go to Senator Ted Cruz.


Jason Isaac