Running For Fundraiser

As someone who has gotten at least a dozen robo-calls and live calls from the Carson campaign, plus fundraising emails and letters from Carson, Jeb, Fiorina, Rand, Cruz (disclosure: contributed to Cruz campaign), Trump and others – this item caught my eye:

Republican Ben Carson raised more than $20 million in the third quarter of the year, more than twice the amount he brought in over the previous quarter, his campaign said Wednesday.

That figure—which brings his total haul this year to $31 million, from more than 350,000 donors … Mr. Carson now has roughly $12 million in the bank, an official said.

In the second quarter of the year, Mr. Carson raised $8.3 million. His campaign filing in July revealed that of the $10.6 million Mr. Carson had raised since March, he had spent about half of it, with 72% of his spending going to fundraising costs.


72% of spending went to fundraising. What? Let’s do the math here. Many millions of potential contributors were called, sent mail or email, and 350,000 of them were shaken out of money at an average of around $100 per person, all in hopes of ‘supporting the Carson campaign’. They were not. Over two-thirds of the campaign contributions were needed merely to feed the fundraising operation itself. $30 million in contributions was shrunk to a mere $10 million campaign pot.

I don’t mean to pick on Carson, as other campaigns may also be running on the same fumes of spending contributions to get yet more contributions, but this is terrible. In charity terms, having a mere 28% of what you send to the campaign actually go to the campaign is an “F”-rated cause – a disaster.

For someone desiring to support candidates like this, the best advice may be … don’t. It’s time to stop feeding the fundraising beasts that spend your contributions asking for yet more money. The fundraisers get their 15% ‘cut’, the USPS and email providers do well, your inbox gets filled with spam … and the candidate is left with little to show for it.

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