Defunding Amnesty Failed Because of McConnell

People are hopping made at Speaker Boehner for throwing in the towel and passing the ‘clean DHS’ bill. But let’s be honest, this was the outcome everyone knew and expected once the Senate passed their ‘clean bill.

Conservatives upset at our feedble Republican leadership in Congress are missing our number one leadership problem if they keep whining about Boehner. The worse problem is the GOP Senate!

At least the House did pass the right thing: They passed a bill funding DHS while defunding Obama’s executive amnesty. They did early, in January. The House passed the baton and McConnell dropped it.

Sen McConnell pre-caved back in November, muttering he’d never shut down the government. In December, the heat was on the House to ‘do something’. Sen McConnell made ZERO proposals and took ZERO action to stand up and stop Obama’s amnesty. When it came time to do something, he was a distinct non-leader. He did done nothing at all to lay any groundwork against Obama’s amnesty. Zip. Nada. Nothing.

The Senate under McConnell did …. NOTHING WITH IT.

Given the House bill, he made only 4 pathetic attempts in February to get over the hurdle of a filibuster; he failed to get a single Democrat on board, but he did nothing to make any single one of them pay any price. Certainly the Lynch nominiation, one thing Sen Cruz felt should be held up by this, was not held up at all. He didnt bother to wheedle, overwhelm or undercut the Democrat filibusters. Reid and Democrats swatted it away like it was a fly.  Meanwhile,   his crony pro-amnesty GOP RINO pals like Sen Kirk and Sen Flake whined publicly that they wished this whole DHS funding fight wasnt happening.

The Republican Senate under McConnell was rudderless and leaderless and hapless. They were given a basic bill and they did …. NOTHING WITH IT.  Instead of condemning Reid and the Democrats and pushing it to the wall, by mid-February McConnell, who apparently ran out of ‘options’ after a few procedural votes, said the House needed to do something about his failures. As in “I can’t do my job so bail me out.”Speaker Boehner at that time did the right thing and pushed right back. The rubber was about to hit the road. Of course, [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] would block the bill. And of course they would push it to the wall. The question is this: Who will blink first?

Then McConnell caved. In fact, he precaved again, not even bothering to push it to the wall with the Senate Democrats.  He came out with his New Plan of Surrender, with his ‘lets split the vote’. Reid almost bailed McConnell out of his cowardice by arrogantly putting terms on the surrender. But Reid thought the wiser of it. Why interfere with a coward in retreat?

McConnell’s supposed brilliant ace up his sleeve was to throw away the substance of the issue for that shiny prize of a vote. That’s right, he’d get a meaningless powerless vote on approval or disapproval of Obama’s amnesty. Except HE DIDNT EVEN GET A VOTE ON OBAMA’S EXECUTIVEAMNESTY. Reid blocked it with the same filibuster that he blocked the DHS bill with.

Did McConnell hold firm? Did he say “Well, the Democrats won’t allow an up or down vote on funding, so the shutdown is on them.” NO! HE CAVED TO 41 Democrats! He Let 41 Democrats dictate to him how to run the Senate!

When the ‘clean DHS funding bill’ came up, McConnell not only held the vote without first getting that amnesty vote – he CUT A DEAL WITH REID to prevent conservative GOPers from amending the bill. Fancy that. MCCONNELL. CUT. A. DEAL. He filled the tree. Not to shut out Democrats, but to shut out Republicans. Even though Reid himself had shot down the one consolation prize McConnell claimed he was after.  McConnell, the McClellan of the modern era had his mere 55 Republican Senators capitulate to the will of the minority in the Senate, so the minority Senate leader is now more powerful than the House Speaker. It takes a rare breed of coward to accomplish that much in the way of self-immolation.

The WHOLE POINT of the opposition to DHS amnesty program was to say “NO FUNDING FOR OBAMA’S EXECUTIVE AMNESTY OR NO DEAL”. This is not too hard of a thing. This is not chewing gum and walking at the same time even. Everything McConnell did worked to undercut that proposition.

McConnell did it. The main blame for this leadership failure to stop Obama’s amnesty lies not with Boehner (although he shares a part), it lies with McConnell. It lies also with Sen Cornyn and the rest of the Senate Republican leadership and the Senate Republican caucus itself, in particular the 23 Senate Republican turncoats who ended up voting to fund Obama’s executive amnesty.

Sure, Boehner’s whacky CRomnibus got the epic-fail rolling, because they weren’t willing to use the full funding for the Government as leverage, they picked the one hostage Republicans would never want to shoot. (They should have used HHS; defund Obamacare implementations if you don’t stop amnesty.) And sure, you can point to realities like “Democrats plus media blaming Republicans equals no-win situation”.   But the weakest link in this fiasco was not the House, and not Boehner. It’s in the Senate. It was Reid’s (rhymes with Mitch) who done us in – [mc_name name=’Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000355′ ].

When discussing who the real traitor is, we need to paraphrase the Godfather: “Boehner? Boehner’s a pimp. It was McConnell all along.”