Bush White Houses: Kicking the conservatives since 1988

A gentle reminder of the knee-capping of conservatives by the Bush administration in 1988-1992 comes from an account of how and why supposedly conservative administrations nominated liberals to the Supreme Court. This quote just jumped out at me:

The Bush Administration was already in hot water with Reaganite Republicans because Bush had fired 90% of the Reagan political appointees in the executive branch to replace them with moderate or liberal Republicans.


If you recall, Bush 41 won in 1988 on a campaign of making Bush out to be Reagan’s third term. But when Bush came in, he staffed his administration with non-conservatives and non-ideologues unable or unwilling to discern who real conservative jurists would be.  The article shows that several acts of misunderstanding and incompetence led to the nomination of Justice Souter. Similar mistakes were made again in the Harriet Myers nomination, but Bush 43 redeemed himself with Roberts and Alito.

Just a gentle reminder of the kind of treatment conservatives may get in a Jeb Bush administration.