Texas GOP primary - a good night for conservatives

A good night for conservatives in the GOP primary.

Cornyn fended off challengers, but at only 60% up against 7 dwarves, the establishment should be put on notice.

Conservative Dan Patrick leads for Lt Gov. This defies polls but tells us Dan Patrick is in a good position to win. I supported Jerry Patterson, and that support will imho go mostly to Dan Patrick.

For AG, its conservative Ken Paxton up against Straus-ally Dan Branch. Encouragingly, Ken Paxton has a strong lead. Smitherman at 20% is support that should/will go to Paxton.

Comptroller, similarly the leading vote-getting is Glen Hagar, who got YCT and other conservative endorsements. He’s up against Hilderbran, also a good candidate, if a bit more in the establishment camp. the RonPaul-wing candidate Debra Medina (ran against Perry in 2010) fell short of even getting into runoff, surprising given a poll that had her leading.

Ag Commisioner was a bigger messier field, but Sid Miller, conservative State Rep, leads that, and in a runoff with the dreadful RINO former State Rep Tommy Merritt (which David Simpson took out in 2010 in david vs goliath fashion). Miller at 35% to Merritt’s 21% in this round leaves me feeling pretty good about the runoff outcome.

Land Commissioner, George P. Bush waltzed right in. Only other candidate, David Watts, was underfunded / unknown. You are a Hispanic and a Bush? you dont need an election, you need a coronation. Frankly, I would have preferred we cultivate Hispanic candidates  not named Bush, but then since George P. is a founder of HRT (Hispanic Republicans of Texas) I am sure he agrees.

The other guy who won in a walk, of course, is the top of the ticket, Greg Abbott for Governor, a shoo-in even before Tom Pauken bowed out in December. Given the latest poll shows him double-digits ahead of Abortion Bar… um, Wendy Davis, he must be feeling good right now.

The conservative incumbent justices defeated the trial-lawyer-sponsored challengers handily.

And the last piece of good news. State Sen Donna Campbell (TX-25), conservative and a “Tea Party” type that the establishment wanted to take down, easily defeated a two-headed challenge and won without having to go into a runoff.

It’s also true that other incumbents aside from Cornyn, like Lamar Smith, Pete Sessions and Joe Strauss survived their underfunded challengers, BUT conservative challengers DID win down-ballot:

– Rinaldi defeats Ratliff (of the Ratliff lobbying family)
– Tinderholt defeats Diane Patrick (pal of educrat lobby)
– White defeats Sheffield (Straus ally gets the boot)

– and a biggie, Huffines defeats Corona in a State Senate race. Corona was one of the most liberal/moderate of Republicans. The Senate with one more Republican,
a few more conservatives and Dan Patrick leading it, will not be the weak sister it’s been in the past.

These are all conservative wins.  So despite several of my preferred candidates not winning, I’m pleased with the outcome overall.  Conservatives are in a position, should the top vote getters win their respective runoffs, to have a strong set of conservatives in most / all statewide offices.  These are the candidates to support in the runoff, already winning a lot of conservative organization endorsements and support:

  • Lt Gov – Dan Patrick
  • AG – Ken Paxton
  • Comptroller – Glen Hagar
  • Ag Commissioner – Sid Miller
  • Railroad Commissioner – Wayne Christian