Obama nominates a Mumia-supporting radical lawyer for DOJ post

One of the crazy things about our current political environment is how much the radical left has been ‘normalized’ in political terms by our radical Progressive-in-chief. We know about the radicals he wants on the DC Court of Appeals, we’ve suffered with AG Eric Holder and his Dept of Justice politicized attacks on states that dare to enforce fully Constitutional laws, while allowing the abrogation of the Constitution by the Obama administration itself to continue apace.  A Senator Cornyn press release today caught my attention and got me to shake my head in a ‘this really takes the cake’ mode, opposing a radical nominee voted today by Senate Democrats in the Judiciary committee (10-8 party line vote) to head the DoJ Civil Rights division:

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) issued the following statement after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance the nomination of Debo Adegbile to head the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.

“I find it deeply disturbing that someone who has demonstrated such a partisan approach to issues like voter ID and religious liberty would be advanced for confirmation to our nation’s highest civil rights office.

“Mr. Adegbile also has forcefully advocated for overturning the death penalty for Mumia Abu-Jamal, a man who proudly acknowledged that he murdered a police officer.

   Mumia Abu-Jamal is a confessed cop-killer, and how and why he became a cause celebre (not quite to the level of another murderer, Che Geuvera, but he does rate some t-shirts, even one in the Trayvon hoodie style), has a lot to do with the progressive antipathy towards the police. The Free Mumia movement did get a ‘win’ or reprieve, in that the cop killer who got the death penalty now faces life in prison on the basis of long-standing appeals – appeals that the NAACP Legal Fund that Mr Adegbile headed was involved in.

As Obama would say: Let me be clear. This kind of individual who would try to defend a cop killer and get him off from his just punishment is as nutty as say a guy who supports 9-11 Truther conspiracy theories. Even in the left-liberal Obama administration, some picks are a ‘radical too far’.

Now you will hear some push-back, from the usual liberal kneejerk noise outlets (Media Matters & MSNBC, that’s you), that he was only do a good lawyer’s job of defending cop-killing scum:

“The conservative campaign against Adegbile recalls an effort during Obama’s first term to attack Justice Department officials as terrorist sympathizers because they had successfully represented Gitmo detainees,” Serwer wrote.

That’s Serwer from MSNBC whining about the obvious. Of course, we don’t want our anti-crime prosecutors office filled with mob-connected lawyers, and no, we don’t want our national security compromised by hiring lawyers who idea of good Pro Bono service is getting Al Qaeda terrorists a ticket out of Club Gitmo.  And the last thing we need in Civil Rights, are radicals who mistake the civil rights of citizens to be free from official abuse for the right to wantonly gun down police officers and get away with it (or at least lesser sentences that duly appointed juries hand down).

This is a radical lawyer advocate too far. Like many of Obama’s radical moves, they are often ‘under the radar’. I wouldn’t have noticed had not one Senator piped up. It’s time to pipe up. Thankfully, law enforcement groups are doing so. It’s the right thing to make a stink about it and oppose him vigorously.

Final Thought: There is a way to stop this nomination. Thanks to Reid’s nuclear option it cannot be filibustered, but there are 10 red state Democrat Senators for whom this makes for a troubling and difficult vote to defend. Making a stink now is a win/win, either win now or find another reason to fire some Democrat Senators in November.