An open letter to Speaker Boehner

I get these emails from Speaker Boehner, and I noticed a curious thing about this weekly email to the supporters – NOTHING about his immigration push! Keystone pipeline #usethepen tweet push, weekly address mention that goes into jobs and natural gas,  he says “comment on the Farm Bill … no earmarks” (huh?)  Well…   I decided he needed to hear about immigration anyway, as we all know the score here – they are moving it slooowly and quietly to avoid riling up the opposition. Don’t be lulled!

My letter to Speaker Boehner:

I am a lifelong Republican, active in the party, supporter of our platform, businessman, and one of those battered-spouse-syndrome grassroots supporters who is aghast at you for pushing amnesty.

Those principles with all the enforcement planks? Fine. Pass that and publicly and unequivocably say, like Sen Ted Cruz has said “Amnesty is a mistake. We should secure the border and fix legal immigration only. Nothing more.”

But you didn’t. That is to your shame and discredit.

Your attempt at pushing amnesty is the most insanely stupid thing I’ve seen in a long time out of DC, which says a lot. In no way shape or form should you have any ‘principles’ that legalize illegal immigrants. Repeating the mistake of 1986 is bad policy that will make illegal immigration worse, make wages for blue collar Americans worse, imports poverty and strains our Government services.

Trying to do ANYTHING that the President will sign and then turn into his own pet amnesty via selective enforcement is folly. It’s not just bad policy, its terrible politics. Do you even CARE to have a Republican majority? Why are you throwing it away?  This wins no votes. It splits the party. It depresses and turns Republicans into former Republicans. We all know the claims that legalization wont become ‘citizenship’ down the road is fallacious. It turns states like mine, Texas, into future Democrat states. Is that what you want?

I will do everything I can to stop this and stop you or other leaders from doing this.  I am a *former* contributor to the RNC, NRCC and NSRC. No more. We in the base cannot trust jerks in the leadership who cant even follow our platform and have less regard for our country and party than me. For the love of God and country, tell all the amnesty lovers to LEAVE the party, fire the big spenders, and start behaving like a real Republican for a change!

If you think only a segment of the party is against amnesty, think again.  it’s probably 90% against and 9% uninformed the and 1% for. We know who that 1% (chamber of commerce and 1% cheap labor lobbyists).  Stop being the servants of the 1% and tell the “1%” to take a hike!

Folks: Take the time to give Speaker Boehner some heat on this horrible, terrible, no-good, stupid, insane push for amnesty. It’s easy:


Such an act of political malpractice goes beyond the pale. Stopping this amnesty effort means saving us from another 2 decades of destroyed immigration system and stopping an ‘own goal’ for the GOP and stopping the destruction of the GOP.