Cuccinelli gaining momentum, polls shows 2 point spread


Wow. The carpet-bagging influence peddler actually isn’t going to win in a walk. Now there are polls which showed double-digit leads for Fast Terry McAwful, lover of Obamacare, crony capitalist corruption and unsanitary abortion mills, but maybe the welcome is wearing thin on the carpetbagger, as yet another poll shows (in addition to Q poll’s 4 pt gap and Wenzel poll 1pt gap) deflation for him and a bit of momentum for Cuccinelli:

According to a new poll, Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s lead over Republican Ken Cuccinelli
has shrunk to 2 points in the Virginia gubernatorial race (42% to 40%, with Libertarian Robert Sarvis at 13%). At the beginning of the month, McAuliffe was up five points (43% to 38%), suggesting Cuccinelli is gaining momentum going into the last weekend of the election.

The kicker is this: “Twenty percent of self-identified independents are in support of Sarvis, who is leeching votes from Cuccinelli with 11 percent of Republicans supporting his candidacy versus only 6 percent of Democrats.”

Will self-identified Republicans hand the election to Fast Terry?

Folks, this is exactly the kind of race and situation where everyone need to pitch in.

President Obama lied when he said “You get to keep it”. We need a message sent that says “No” to those lies and the Obamacare ripoff. A vote for Terry McAuliffe will validate those lies, keep Obamacare and pave the way for Hillary Clinton in 2016 to keep Obamacare forever. A Cuccinelli upset will sent the rats scurrying in fear. This is a big deal. A vote for Sarvis by Republicans will only help elect McAuliffe.

I’m from Texas. I sent money. Send what you can. Help how you can.