Post-election memo to the bedwetters

Dear Conservatives Bedwetters:

You know who you are, talking about how Republicans need to get hip with tax increases, amnesty, gay marriage and abortion-on-demand. You are shell-shocked and babbling about Obamacare as the law of the land. If only we could be more like the Democrats, you lament. You want to throw in the towel: Give them everything they want, let them stew in it.  I never recalled the Democrats or liberals ever throwing in the towel on their precious ideology, or deciding to become Republican lite, when THEY were thumped in any election.

We thought that 4 years would be enough Obama economic failures to prove to voters that big government tax, borrow and spend doesnt work. We were out-sold by charlatans that preached that Obama needed more time.

Well, he’s got more time now. And now the stock market sold off, realizing that Obama’s win only means more tough economic sledding. I am also reading of how growth estimates for next quarter are a miniscule 1.5%. The Obama economic malaise and depression continues and his political victory now will only make his policy failures more evident.

The pain of loss you feel now, and the economic pain we all will feel in the next few years will be a hard lesson, but the lesson will deepen the learning. We dont yet know if America is ‘too far gone’ or what we can salvage, but I suggest you urge your 30 Republican Governors, your Republican Speaker and his House majority, and all the other Republicans in office to Hold The Line, and to continue to stand for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, economic freedom, and the Constitution … BECAUSE THEIR SERVICES WILL BE NEEDED IN THE NEAR-TERM FUTURE AND WE WILL NEED AMERICA TO STILL BE ONE PIECE WHEN THEY ARE AGAIN CALLED TO LEAD.

The useless and counterproductive  post-election “shut up you stupid conservatives” calls from some quarters, are calling us to respond to false perceptions and not to true realities. I would urge the bedwetters to take a deep, deep breath, and let the ugly reality of the Pyrrhic Obama victory sink in.

The reality is that Obama’s next 4 years will be about paying the piper for his failed Keynesian schemes that have added $6 trillion in debt and will add $8 trillion more by the end of the decade. We added debt to fix the economy – it didnt work and now we have a bigger mess, a weak economy AND a huge and growing debt. The ratings agencies are already itching for further downgrades, and the negative impact on the economy from the Obamacare tax hikes and other tax increases is about to hit home.

People voted for 4 more years of the economic mis-management and malaise that Obama has presided over so far. They voted for a status quo government that in August 2011 couldnt even craft a budget deal without kicking the can further – to now, where we face a so-called ‘fiscal cliff’. They voted to re-elect a guy with the worst jobs record in a generation, who pulled  his 2nd term agenda out 2 weeks before the election – it was 20 pages of pictures and bromides.There is no leadership and there is no way out of our $1 trillion deficits without the kind of hard choices obama refuses to make. Funny, but we just had an election and 3 debates and hardly AND of the debate, discussion was about the simple question: “What would you do to balance the budget?”  As if all those hard choices are dis-connected from the voter’s choice of a few days ago.

The stock market has fallen 5% since Obama won re-election precisely because he  offers no real solutions to the budget problems, his tax increases in Obamacare hit Jan 1 and now wont be repealed and he insists on raising taxes on investors and small business owners next year. So will the EPA regs he held back for political reasons.  These will hurt our economy to the point where a 2013 recession is now possible.  Good luck with that. The Obama voters have made their bed and unfortunately we all have to sleep in it.

What this all means is economic malaise akin to the 1970s or even worse. It means the Obama Depression continues. We may see average growth in 2013 and 2014 be no better than 2%, putting Obama’s 6 years in office down in the basement of economic performance.

Yet we hear a different story from the bedwetters – they forget that this election we wanted to be about the economy. They focus on the bright shiny object of “social issues”, forgetting the simple blunt fact that – if indeed we lost this year on social issues, it was because we ran away from it rather than making a coherent stand. In 2004, abortion was about “partial birth abortion”, which 2/3rds of Americans think is horrific and should be outlawed. In 2012, Obama kept up the drumbeat on birth control, creating a strawman that Republicans failed to rebut; and they used the ‘rape’ comments to make an anchor of the also unpopular position of outlawing abortion in cases of rape.

Another Redstate Diary put it this way: “debt and deficit are critical issues, but do not resonate for most Americans they way social issues do.”

That’s like saying a month before Pearl Harbor “The wars in Europe and the Pacific dont resonate the way the latest Frank Sinatra song does.”  If they dont resonate, its because nobody has connected the dots between our economic misery and our fiscal mismanagement. A decade of lost growth under Obama might be enough to do that, but it would certainly behoove Republicans to point out Obama’s economic failures and propose a better way to avoid the coming pain.

That diary and other post-election analysis keys off of trying to chase perceptions derived from reading exit poll tea leaves.  “Many Americans perceive …” … a lot of things. Some of those perceptions are wrong. Obama’s campaign in particular took advantage to cultivate incorrect perceptions about Romney, Republicans and the state of our nation. He won a narrow victory in an ugly negative campaign on that basis. It will behoove us to correct those incorrect perceptions, both by arguing against the currently dominant paradigm and fighting to win hearts and minds to it. it will behoove us also not to throw away the principles we stand for just because we only won 48% of the vote this time instead of 51%.

So even though abortion kills a human being,  we are told to put that crazy pro-life Aunt back in the attic, that barbaric practice is now something the left has ‘won’.  Team Obama ‘won’ nothing but a perception war by ignoring what abortion is and because some of our guys said some stupid things that were taken out of context.

Here’s lousy advice:  Give up on all the Republican agenda items, embrace the Democrat ploy of pandering, graft and “how to get credit for what government gives them” and the Obama voters will like us more. Reality check: Given the choice between two Democrats, voters pick the real ones every time.

If there are some voters out there more concerns about free birth control than about our $16 trillion debt, then its their failure to understand and our failure to educate and communicate. If the Republicans do continue to fail to communicate, reality has a way of biting people in the butt sooner or later.

The danger with Obama’s big government ways has always been that under Obama we would go the way of the economically-weak Euro-socialist states, with permanently large Welfare spending, statism, high taxes and economic weakness, but unable to fix the economic weakness because the statism is locked in by the political patronage system. Mark Steyn has opined as much, and many of us fear that Obamacare is the tipping point.  Claims that Obama won from only the ‘moocher’ vote are false; that’s a part of his coalition but the greater part was ordinary folks who do work but got sold a bill of goods about who cares for them more; or bought some lie about ‘war on women’ or other slander. Slander and Pander Show.

We don’t know if we are past that point of no return. So don’t act like this is the end.  We do know this: There’s  NOTHING to lose when you stand for what you believe in, fight the good fight, and remember why you are doing what you are doing. We believe in universal principles that worked yesterday, work now, and will be ready to work in the future when the people are ready to turn to them. That’s why I repeat this advice for you to tell your Republican office-holders:

  … tell all the other Republicans in office to Hold The Line, and to continue to stand for smaller government, fiscal responsibility, economic freedom, and the Constitution … BECAUSE THEIR SERVICES WILL BE NEEDED IN THE NEAR-TERM FUTURE AND WE WILL NEED AMERICA TO STILL BE ONE PIECE WHEN THEY ARE AGAIN CALLED TO LEAD.