This Debate Changes Nothing, It's Still the Economy Stupid

This debate will be dissected and discussed, but in a debate where much was argued and little resolved, this debate will not change much. The President said much that one could argue with – misleading negatives on Romney, and an overfocus on minor distraction issues. It was surprising to hear the President sound indignant over the ‘politicization’ of the Libya fiasco, after a month of Obama administration’s highly political game of CYA operations and misdirection on what happened. It was somewhat damning that President Obama has such a barren set of talking points that he had to recycle his Planned Parenthood one five times.

But this debate will not matter. Results matter. This election is about the economy. “Equal pay” means nothing if you are equally unemployed; student loans don’t help but hurt a graduate who can’t find a job. Talking about the middle class means little if the middle class is crushed by lower incomes, rising prices, and fewer opportunities. Illegal immigration is down? Yeah, a jobless phony ‘recovery’ will send even illegal aliens into self-deportation mode.

In 3 minutes during this debate, Romney laid out exactly what was wrong with the Obama record and why he doesn’t deserve re-election. He asked the better question than “Are you better off?”. Romney said that “You know better … the last four years haven’t been good”. He gave the one useful and important takeaway from this debate:

“This election is … about who can get the middle class to a bright and prosperous future”.

This is the election in a nutshell.