Ted Cruz - Texas Senate race PPP poll coming up

I just got off the phone from a robo-pollster. I was expecting it to be a candidate-based poll but was surprised at the end to hear it was Public Policy Polling (PPP). They are polling the Texas Senate runoff races.

Since I had just early-voted for Ted Cruz yesterday, the last day of early voting for the Texas runoff, I was able to put myself in for ‘already voted for Ted Cruz’. They asked about favorable/unfavorable (Cruz “favorable”, Dewhurst “unfavorable”), how excited I was to be voting (“very”), political views (conservative), and whether Perry or Palin endorsements influence my vote (“no”). Aside from typical demographics, they asked if I was a Tea Party member (“no”, while favorable to Tea Party concerns, I think the concept of being a ‘member’ to a ‘party’ when it’s not a political party per se is a contradiction).

I am sharing to give people a heads up that PPP will release a final poll. Some key takeaways for others in this poll will be the intensity and the ‘already voted’. Many elections can be won or lost in Texas in early voting, and if my response is indicative, it will be a  good poll for Cruz.