So Team Obama offers as their campaign theme “Forward”. The word has been much used in the history of socialist sloganeering.  The Forward video is a pathetic attempt to rewrite the last four years of failure and give the best account they can for the Obama accomplishments. The goods news is this: After watching it, my reaction was: “That’s all they’ve got?”

They wrapped it up in a nice bow, but it’s still a pile of … ahem, I am getting ahead of myself. What is he touting and what is wrong with it? Let’s review The Team Obama narrative as expressed in their Forward video:

1. He saved the economy: the world fell apart in 2008, everything was down the drain, Obama came in and presto, thanks to the Simulus we have 4.2 million jobs and he saved the day.

Rebuttal: We don’t have 4.2 million jobs thanks to the stimulus.  Obama has had the worst jobs record in a generation, when you ask a simple question: Do we have more jobs now than when Obama was elected? Not since November 2008, for sure. What has really happened is that Obama inherited an economy in a ditch, that gave him an opportunity to look great by starting from a low base, but  thanks to his job-killing policies and his failed stimulus, the economy is still in a ditch,. We’ve had the worst ‘recovery’ among post-WWII recoveries – slowest economic growth, and job growth less than what is needed even to replace the work force. That is why even though labor force participation is down, unemployment is much higher now than when he took office. We’ve also had the largest number of long-term unemployed. and above even the maximum unemployment predicted under the stimulus.

2. He gave us Reforms such as Healthcare, Banking, etc. and even made sure every women got her contraception (you’ve got to be kidding me, there must be some whacky focus-group reason they are pushing the lamest claim yet). Rebuttal: Obama is selling his liberal government growing agenda; Government saves all. Are that many Americans sold on such shallow arguments? Will his touting of Obamacare win votes? Only if Republicans don’t respond and retort in force. We’ve stayed in the hole because of Obama’s job-killing attacks on American enterprise and these ‘reforms’ are a part of it, in particular Obamacare, which has attacked healthcare innovation and freedom. Dodd-Frank has hampered community-bank-based lending, crimping the credit economy.

3. The Republicans are BAD people. See, they opposed all the great stuff in 1 and 2.

Rebuttal: Republicans are going to have to grow some thick skin and respond in kind to the bizarre claim that the failure of the two sides in Washington to agree and compromise is due 0% to Obama and the Democrats and 100% to the Republicans. Seriously,

4. He got Bin Laden. Yes, Obama is doing the endzone dance on OBL’s head. It was supposely unseemly to share the photos of the dead Bin Laden, but apparently it’s not unseemly for the President to take credit for the daring risks and performance of Navy Seal Team 6 and the military planners who pulled off the raid. The President saying “OK” to this was the most blatantly obvious decision of his Presidency, but he’s milking it.

Rebuttal: Ridicule. Seriously, Romney gave a dignified ‘disappointed’ response, but the best response is ridicule. Great Moments In Presidential Decision-Making: Obama pardons the Thanksgiving Turkey, and asks – Would Sarah Palin pardon a Thanksgiving Turkey?

5. It’s a bizarre factoid for Obama to tout, yet it’s true: Oil production is up. Thanks to fracking technology and the development of North Dakota oilfieds, we have had an uptick in oil production.  After Obama in 2008 declaring the need to use less oil, after declaring (falsely) that we don’t have much in the way of resources, after saying ‘no’ to the much-needed Keystone pipeline, after clsoing gulf oil production unnecessarily, after stopping oil shale research drilling in the rockies, and after having his EPA going out on crucifixion missions against fracking companies, after using Big Oil as their Pinata for more and more taxes … he touts higher oil production.

Rebuttal: The irony is too stunning to rebut. Other than the fact that oil prices are much higher now than when he became President, one searches in vain for a single thing the President did that actually positively impacted oil production; it advanced despite him, not because of him. At least Global Warming wont be on the campaign agenda. For now.

6. Iraq war over. Also took credit for closing Gitmo (no wait, never mind), winning in Afghanistan (no wait, never mind), and staring down the threat from a nuclear Iran (oops).

Rebuttal: So he basically implements a schedule Bush put in place after the success of the Bush surge that he opposed. Brilliant! For a guy who once didn’t even wear a flag lapel pin post 9/11, he seems overly eager to take credit for the work of the military in his re-election bid.

Obama isn’t “Forward” but is “DOWN”, down on America, down on our success and a detriment to getting our economy working again. The real rebuttal is to bring up the issues that Obama didn’t even dare mention: The debt, the deficits, the large increases in spending, and the slow growth in the economy. Also, the crony socialism and the massive waste of money; the scandals, the lack of accountability; the unconstitutional behavior, etc.

Obama has a weak re-election campaign and is papering it over with distractions, “cool” attempts to curry favor, gimmicks (college loans), and demagoguery. A direct, clear and take-the-argument-to-him rebuttal to “Forward” is needed. I hope the RNC and Romney Team will make that direct rebuttal video that gives us the real Obama record – “DOWN”.