Obama is the Only Candidate Standing Up for the Middle Class

That’s Right… I know it’s true because I saw a web ad on yahoo. Obama is not content to spend billions of taxpayer money buying support from unions, government workers. Now he’s got his campaign machine going after the MIDDLE. The internet ads are here. Yikes.

The family is all smiles, angry Michelle and dyspeptic Barack put that aside for a pic:


The same middle class that now is forced to pay for health insurance by government dictation, the same middle class socked with job losses, anti-energy policies and a debt burden that thereatens the entitlements of the old and financial security and future of the young … THAT middle class is the one Obama is now pandering too.

… but never mind that. My point is simple: While we quibble over who take the helm in running against Obama, the well-oiled Obama machine is already revving up, the lamestream liberal media is laredy in full Barack-protection mode, and the opportunity to defeat Barack Obama is starting to slip away.

Don’t forget to keep your eye on the prize. To save America, Obama must be defeated. Attacks on Republicans, defeatism and a failure to constantly focus on defeating Obama will do us in. We need to remind people of why the failed, weak, socialist, irresponsible, thin-skinned Obama must go. He has had the worst jobs record of any President in our lifetimes. Yet nobody mentions this. The media has treated everything bad about the economy like a force of nature, and only mention Obama when its good news.

ITS TIME WE FIXED THAT. SO JUST TO MAKE SURE THIS SINKS IN, EVERYONE READING THIS MUST DO THIS: Say this to at least 5 strangers you meet in the coming week. People you meet on the elevator, train, at the checkout counter, at the gas pump. Tell them this:

“Did you know Obama has had the worst jobs record of any President in our lifetimes. We have 5 million fewer jobs now than when he was elected. Obama has really stuck it to the middle class.”