Ted Cruz: A 12-step plan to get America Working

The Republicans need a vigorous, clear, strong response to Obama’s Job Bill. Accepting Obama’s failed big spending stimulus rehash as-is would be a huge step backwards for fiscal responsibility. Congressional Republicans have adopted a cautious approach, and Republican House leaders sent this message:

“We share your desire for bipartisan cooperation, and assume that your ideas were not presented as an all-or-nothing proposition, but rather in anticipation that the Congress may also have equally as effective proposals to offer for consideration,” the leaders wrote.

Making a deal is politically smarter than just saying ‘no’, but the ‘compromise’ path will take us to a bad bill, just like the debt ceiling ‘deal’ that does the wrong things. We need to have a bold and clear alternative and we need the House Republicans to put it together, pass it, and dare the Senate to pass a similar bill to create jobs. There is a man who has the right plan: Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz’s Growth and Jobs Agenda is a 12-step plan to get America working again:
1) Repeal ObamaCare.
2) Kill Cap and Trade.
3) Stop the National Labor Relations Board from Attacking Jobs in Right-to-Work States.
4) Revoke the Offshore Drilling Moratorium.
5) Restrain Abusive Environmental Enforcement.
6) Repeal Dodd-Frank.
7) Slash Corporate Tax Rates.
8. Champion Tax Reform.
9) Cut the Federal Budget and Reform Entitlements.
10) Rein in the Fed and Ensure Sound Money.
11) Allow Small and Medium Companies To Opt out of Sarbanes-Oxley.
12) Pass a Strong Balanced Budget Amendment.

Here’s a video on it:

In the debt-ceiling debate, the Republicans use cut, cap and balance as a vehicle to show what the conservative approach was to fixing our debt crisis. We need to take this opportunity to show again what the conservative approach is to get America working again. The Ted Cruz 12-step plan would make a good blueprint for that alternative.

PS. Ted Cruz is not in Congress, but deserves to be. He is running for U.S. Senate in Texas.