Debt increase deal includes 'Deem and Pass'

This deal saves Harry Reid’s hide and guts the Ryan/House FY2012 budget in one fell swoop:

At one point in the negotiations, the 2012 budget was to be slashed by $36 billion. The final number of cuts: just $7 billion. And just to ensure we don’t have another bruising government shutdown fight over cuts in September, the deal deems and passes the 2012 budget. Yes, that’s right, the old Gephardt Rule or Slaughter Solution, is back


We have known all along that FY2012 is where the rubber meets the road, a 9 year forecast can be changed 8 more times. What is REAL are: Tax law changes, and THIS YEARS SPENDING. Everything else is smoke-n-mirrors.

We should be cutting FY2012 by $100-200 billion, and the $36 billion is not, as this Liberal says, “slashed”, that is a 1% nick. That number would be pitifully small and barely acceptable, if there were other good things in it. What we see here, at $7 billion,  is a Democrat budget number.  What we see in the trigger and the backstop, are Democrat favored cuts. As we saw in April, details in the last-minute ‘deal’ emerge that prove that the Democrats wrote the details.

Apparently, Harry Reid meeting with McConnell and Boehner are two sheep and one wolf sitting together and deciding who is going to get sheared.

This deal is NOT good enough. Conservatives need to fight back and regain the cuts in the FY 2012 budget. We must not relent in cutting the spending.

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